Faculty & Staff


James E. Evans Professor
Sedimentary Geology, Surficial Processes

John R. Farver, Chair Professor
Mineralogy, Petrology/Materials Science

Yuning Fu Assistant Professor

Enrique Gomezdelcampo Associate Professor
Ecohydrology, GIS, Fluvial Geomorphology

Peter V. Gorsevski Associate Professor
Geospatial Sciences

Kurt S. Panter Associate Professor
Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry

Sheila J. Roberts Associate Professor
Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry

Anita Simic Assistant Professor
Remote Sensing

Jeffrey Snyder Associate Professor
Quaternary and Glacial Geology, Geomorphology, Paleolimnology

Margaret M. Yacobucci Professor
Paleontology and Paleobiology

Adjunct Faculty

Dan Kelley
Assistant Professor, Firelands Campus

Frances Snyder email
Part-time Instructor

Ina Terry email
Part-time Instructor


William Butcher email
Geologist / Dept IT support

Pat Wilhelm email
The Department Secretary

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Richard Hoare Professor

Dr. John Howe Professor

Charles M. Onasch Professor
Structural Geology and Geophysics

Dr. Don C. Steinker Professor

Dr. Robert K. Vincent Professor
Remote Sensing