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E-Factory: Industrial Robotics and Automation for Training and Workforce Development

Industry Robot Arms (Horizontal)
Industry Robot Arms (Horizontal)

The module features 10 custom-made Mitsubishi SCARA robots. All are networked in a private IP server to simulate a secured manufacturing factory. 

The hardware of each unit includes the following integrated systems: 

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - Allen Bradley
  • Vision System with auto light - Cognex
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Surveillance Cameras - Remote monitoring 
  • Pneumatic Grippers - Parallel
  • Safety door interlock 
  • Teaching pendant
  • PC 

Students have access to a range of industry software, including:

  • Connected Components - Rockwell Automation
  • Insight - Cognex
  • RT Tool box - MELFA Mitsubishi 
Integrated Manufacturing Machining Center
Integrated Manufacturing Machining Center

The manufacturing system features a programmable Material Handling Robot and CNC milling CERT machine:

  • FANUC CNC Milling CERT Cart ( Model: LMV-F400 RL)
  • FANUC CNC Simulator
  • FANUC Fenced Cart w/ Vision and Teaching Pendant ( LR-Mate 200iD, GigE Vision camera)
  • Industry software includes: Roboguide and iRvision
Articulated Industry Robot Arms: Ohio Robotics Research and Training Center
Articulated Industry Robot Arms: Ohio Robotics Research and Training Center

World Class Robotics Technical Training from FANUC America deployed to prepare students to develop a programming skill set for a widely used manufacturing robot, from introductory robotics training programs for beginners to expert users with specific applications.

Our training center features:Our training center features:

  • 6 FANUC CERT training Cart
  • AI-Automation Deep learning vision system: In-Sight D905M Starter Kit, Model 212
  • 3D inspections: In-Sight 3D-L4050 

E-Factory: Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing

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