Proxy Borrowing

Faculty Permission for Proxy Borrowing by Research & Graduate Assistants

Faculty and staff can complete the Research Proxy Borrowing Form which allows designated research and teaching assistants to borrow books, place holds, and pick up OhioLINK and ILL materials on their behalf.

The proxy borrower will present his or her own ID and tell the library staff member that they need to borrow the materials on the faculty member's account. An OhioLINK book can only be borrowed on the account from which the request was made.

The proxy borrowing service is only available to contracted assistants.  It is not available for family members or friends. For exceptional situations contact Katie Mihaly via email at or call 419-372-2053.

We strongly recommend you neither ask others to borrow items on their accounts for you, nor lend items that are on your library account to other people. If it is necessary for us to bill for lost, overdue or damaged items, we can only bill the person who borrowed the item, not another party.