The Collab Lab

The Collab Lab

The Collab lab is a hands-on, collaborative, innovative, and creative space located on the first floor of the Jerome Library. The open design fosters collaboration through technology and moveable furniture that brings people, space, and information together in a collaborative work environment.

The room layout is welcoming, inspiring, and designed to facilitate design thinking, innovation, collaboration, and the enhancement of teaching and learning. The design encourages people to engage with others freely, brainstorm, problem-solve and create an environment optimized for active collaboration. There is a place for everyone- a comfy living-room-style area, a large table to discuss projects, a small round chargeable table with chairs, a MediaScape workspace for group sharing, a small conference room, a tall table with highchairs, and movable whiteboards to record and share your ideas. The Collab Lab is not designed to be a quiet space. Come in, move around, and get those ideas flowing!

The Collab Lab also has a small Makerspace area offering hands-on access to 3D printers and a 60-watt 18 X 32 table Universal Laser cutter. BGSU students, faculty, and staff have opportunities to work collaboratively, brainstorm ideas, prototype solutions, and make ideas happen!

BGSU students, faculty, and staff can reserve the Collab Lab & Makerspace for the following uses: 

  • Large Groups only - Classes, workshops, or events that focus on facilitating design thinking, innovation, collaboration. This room is not suitable for lecture-style teaching nor regular class meeting times. It does not have a projector or drop-down screens. (Group size: min. of 15; max. of 40)
  • Individuals only - 3-D printing, laser cutting and engraving services.

Reserve Collab Lab Space

Group Size: Minimum 15, Maximum 40

The Collab Lab can quickly transform into a creative space conducive for group thinking classes/workshops/projects. This space is designed to facilitate design thinking, innovation, collaboration, and the enhancement of teaching and learning. To book the entire area, you must complete an online form and indicate the learning outcomes of the collaborative project. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email. For instructors, please tell us if you would like to collaborate with any of our specialized library staff to work with you and your students to support your teaching and learning experience. This room is not available as a regular classroom teaching space or suitable for lecture-style teaching. It does not have a projector or drop-down screens. Depending on the requests, confirmation may take 1-4 days to make proper arrangements. 

Equipment Available: Wall White Boards (3); Mobile White Boards (6); Mobile Seats (40); Mobile 37" TV monitor (HDMI & HDMI mini cables); MediaScape Workspace (HDMI & HDMI mini cables)

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Reserve Services in Makerspace Area

The Collab Lab has a variety of equipment for use within the lab. To sign up for any 3-D printers and Laser Cutting and Engraving services, please learn more about the Makerspace technology, guidelines, equipment/materials, and services provided in the Collab Lab to BGSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  Appointments available Weekdays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Please note that you must attend a required safety training session (60 minutes) to use the Universal Laser prior to booking an appointment. Without proof of a Universal Certification Card, you will not be able to book a session and operate the equipment.

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