Study Spaces

1st Floor

Study Rooms

Four study rooms providing group space for 3 to 8 people are located along the west wall by the Reference Desk.

Large Group Room

This reservable room provides seating (with attached desks) for up to 25 people, along with whiteboards, a computer and 80 inch TV for presentations.  

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The Collab Lab

This reservable space facilitates design thinking, innovation, and collaboration, and offers comfy seating areas, whiteboards, TV monitors, and 3 Macs with drawing tablets.

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Located at the entrance to the Jerome Library, the 1st Floor Lobby provides comfortable chairs next to low tables, as well as computers and printers.

The Learning Commons

Over 60 tables and 200 chairs to study independently or work in groups, 10 private cubicles and a presentation space.


Located near the Reference Desk, several computers are open for use, as well as printers/copiers and high quality scanners.

Market at Jerome Library

Tables and booths are located next to a convenience store, as well as a microwave.

Off-Campus Student Lounge

This area next to the Market at Jerome Library has tables, booths, and individual study cubicles.

Government Documents

Located behind The Learning Commons, this quieter area has tables next to our print journals and government documents.


Located in the middle of the 1st Floor Stacks, this area provides tables, chairs and comfortable furniture around natural light.

2nd Floor


Comfortable chairs and tables with natural light and a view of the Jerome Library mural.


A patio area is accessible from ground level outside of the Jerome Library with tables and benches.

Curriculum Resource Center

Individual and small group study spaces are available. No reservations needed.

3rd – 6th Floors

Music Library & Bill Schurk Sound Archives

On the 3rd Floor, including the Listening Center, computers, individual and group study spaces, and research assistance.

Browne Popular Culture Library

On the 4th Floor providing tables, chairs, and couches with access to Popular Culture reference.

Center for Archival Collections

On the 5th Floor, with computers, individual and small group study tables, and access to CAC reference services.

7th Floor

Group Study

All types of study are welcome on this floor.

Study Rooms

Study rooms providing group space for 3 to 8 people are located in the center of the floor.

Booths and Vending

The 7th floor also provides booths to sit in and vending machines.

8th Floor

Quiet Study

The 8th floor is dedicated to quiet study with a great view of campus.

Study Spaces

The floor has quiet study spaces near the continuation of the Main Stacks.

Cormier Faculty Reading Room

A quiet work room for faculty and graduate student use only. Check out a key at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor.

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