Science Fiction/Fantasy Collections

Within the Library's holdings of more than 190,000 cataloged hardbound and paperback books, science fiction, fantasy, weird/horror, supernatural/occult, utopian, and related genres are well represented. Special strengths of the collection include American and British mass market magazines, fan and collector publications, parapsychology and the occult, and materials documenting the Star Trek phenomenon.

Especially significant are the Library's holdings of pulp magazines, including extensive or complete runs of Amazing Stories, Astounding Science Fiction, Tales of Magic and Mystery, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and Weird Tales, among many others. The Browne Library also houses nearly 4,500 fanzines and related publications, including rare issues of Flying Saucers, Twilight Zone, and Spacecraft Digest.

Manuscripts (see below) in the Browne Library include the papers and early sketches of Joanna Russ (PCL MS-7), the Alexei and Cory Panshin papers, as well as manuscripts by Keith Laumer, Joseph Payne Brennan, Jeffrey A. Carver (PCL MS-30), R.A. Lafferty, and Carl Jacobi (PCL MS-68). The Sheldon R. Jaffrey Collection includes manuscripts and associational correspondence relating to Jaffery's published works on horror and science fiction, including his bibliographies of Arkham House and DAW Books, and near-complete collections of both imprints.

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:21AM