Mystery/Detective Fiction

The works of all major authors of mystery/detective fiction, including classic sleuth stories, hardboiled private eye novels, police procedurals, and spy thrillers, among other genres are represented by some 50,000 volumes of cataloged hardbound and paperback books.

The E.T. (Ned) Guymon Detective Fiction Collection (PCL MS-32) contains literary manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and more than 1,600 books, many of which are first editions. The Guymon Collection contains materials relating to the Baker Street Irregulars and the Mystery Writers of America, as well as to authors Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, August Derleth, Vincent Starrett, Ellery Queen, Raymond Chandler, Craig Rice, and many other friends and correspondents of Ned Guymon. Use the finding aid PCL MS-32 for assistance in using the Guymon Collection.

The Rieser Collection is a collection of more than 10,000 books on mystery/detective fiction and one of the BPCL's more recent acquisitions.  Consult the Arthur and Phyllis Rieser Mystery Collection page for more information.

The Mystery Writers of America, Inc. has recognized the Browne Library's commitment to the mystery genre with a Raven Award that was presented on 29 April 2004.

Unique serial resources at the BPCL include dime novels, pulp magazines, and fan and collector publications.

The BPCL's holdings of juvenile series fiction - including the perennial mystery series featuring the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew - are also important resources.

Consult the mystery/detective fiction manuscript collections page for the BPCL's holdings of author manuscripts.

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