Indenture Records

Indenture Records - Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum, 1870-1890

The following children were transferred from the Wood County Infirmary to the Cleveland Protestant Orphans Home during the 1870s-1890s.

Surname Given Name Date of Birth Relatives
Bawkey Cora Belle 1881-04-14 Father: William R. Bawkey
Mother: Catherine A. Caldwell
Grandparents: John H. and Ann Bawkey; Robert and Ellen Caldwell
Other Relatives: James Bawkey, John Bawkey, Mary Wickson, Samantha Agee, Susan Walker, Eliza Harris, Rosa Alba,
Sarah Lantz, John Caldwell, George Caldwell
Lawrence Roswell 1883-04-25
William Clarence 1885-07-02
Lauraetta May 1888-11-03
Branderberry Sarah Elizabeth 1877-01-15 Father: Noah Branderberry
Mother: Mary Annie Gibbs
Carter Thomas Zindorf 1875-07-26 Father: George Carter
Mother: Maria Elizabeth Curliss
Edwin Horatio 1881-02-28
George Allen 1883-09-05
Cloud Isabell 1875-06-07 Father: Samuel Cloud
Mother: Lydia Thomas
Samuel Calvin 1876-09-13
James Wesley 1879-12-03
Cupp Lucilla Rosalinda 1874-08-30 Father: Not recorded
Mother: Not recorded
Plansent Earl 1880-03-28
Pleasant Pearl 1880-03-28
Daughterman Mary Matilda 1881-09-08 Father: Frederick Daughterman
Mother: Caroline Lane
Dowell Sara Louisa 1879-09-29 Father: Samuel Dowell
Mother: Louisa Mitsen
Arthur 1884-09-09
David 1887-12-13
Entsminger Stephen Rinaldo 1875-06-01 Father: David Entsminger
Mother: Avis Ellen Fry
Laura Ellen 1877-01-28
John Louis 1879-07-30
Grange Gilbert John 1884-10-11 Father: Thomas Henry Grange (b. 1856-05-31)
Mother: Martha Gilbert
Grandfather: James Grange
Richard Earle 1887-05-23
Ulysses Thomas 1889-12-26
Jennings James Victor 1876-02-25 Father: John Jennings
Mother: Martha Emmons
John Wilbur 1881-04-07
Larcom William Edwin 1873-10-19 Father: Not Recorded
Mother: Not Recorded
Alfred Levi 1877-07-16
Charles Arthur 1879-07-12
O'Neil Grace 1886-01-26 Father: William O'Neil
Mother: Naomi Mecker
Lilla 1886-01-26
Peters Quimba 1896-11-04 Father: Lorin Peters
Mother: Amanda Bartz
Grandparents: John Peters, John Bartz
Wales Cleo 1896-11-04
Reid Reid Children
(names not recorded)
Not recorded Father: David Bald Reid
Mother: Elizabeth Scobie
Rider Ephram Not recorded Father: Martin Rider
Mother: Laura Grane
Relatives: Sara Jane Stewart (sister), Effa Rider, Joseph Rider, David [?], Thomas Rhodes
Russell Earl 1881-08-19 Father: Leroy Russell
Mother: Mary Medjker
Harley 1881-02-14
Roy 1884-05-16
Speck John 1885-03-22 Father: Not Recorded
Mother: Not Recorded
Thompson Norah 1885-04-06 Father: Samuel Thompson
Mother: Martha Emmons
Wagner John Edward 1879-08-21 Father: John Wagner
Mother: Harriet Allen
James Louis 1884-05-01
Witmer James Henry 1878-11-13 Father: Not Recorded
Mother: Not Recorded
Elita Elizabeth 1880-01-06

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