School District Records

The Ohio General Assembly passed the first general school act in 1821 which provided for the creation of township school districts. From that beginning until 1914, the township was the basic administrative unit for the school district in the state.

An extensive reorganization of school districts took place in 1914-1915 when the legislature reclassified the districts into city, village, rural, and county units. Today, county school districts, administered by the County Board of Education, have jurisdiction over rural and village school districts thereby centralizing control. City school districts remained autonomous with their own boards.

School District Offices

Board of Education

The Board of Education is the governing body of the school district. It is headed by a superintendent of schools. As of 1921, the county school district (rural and village) had a five-member board elected at large in their respective small districts. The city Board of Education has two to seven elected members depending upon population figures.

The main duties of the Board of Education includes the appointment of a superintendent, redistricting of school territory, and providing transportation for students living more than two miles from a school. The Board also submits annual statistical and financial reports to the County Auditor, selects a minimum course of study for students, and performs other basic administrative functions.

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