About LeanBGSU

In an effort to help advance BGSU's Strategic Plan and do our part to help with Aligning for Excellence and Value, the ITS department is pleased to offer our LeanBGSU program. This program will incorporate Lean principles and practices aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of critical academic and business processes.  Our goal is to help educate the University community on how to identify waste and improve the flow of processes by offering individual and group training sessions. Ultimately, we believe LeanBGSU will help promote and encourage the use of BGSU resources more efficiently and allow us to serve our students more effectively.

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belt will work with your team to identify opportunities for improvement using a Lean framework and best practices. We will help you to visualize, or see, the waste in your process and identify impediments to process flow. From there, we will work with you to identify solutions to improve and sustain the process. 

Submit a request for Lean Training or Project if you are interested in learning more about how Lean can help you improve the performance of your processes, or if you have an idea for a Lean project.  

LeanBGSU Services

We are pleased to offer the following LeanBGSU services:

Individual Lean Training

1 hour training on Lean concepts

Lean Group Training

1-2 hour training on Lean concepts along with a case study.

Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) or Kaizen

3-5 day dedicated team event, action plan, regular follow-ups.

Lean Routine

Conducted over the course of a few meetings, regular follow-ups.

Updated: 03/07/2023 02:02PM