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For help with submitting your thesis or dissertation to the OhioLINK ETD database contact the ETD staff or review the video How to submit to OhioLINK.

Thesis & Dissertation Services
Graduate College, Room 110

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Appointments can be held in person or on line via Zoom.  To request an apppointment please email us at or call 419-372-9888.  If you have COVID symptoms, please request a Zoom appointment.  

Please be sure that the document you are submitting has been thoroughly proofed for both content as well as formatting and typographical errors. The Graduate College does not take responsibility for any errors in your document.  Minimal checks are made to ensure you have used the templates provided and have followed the formatting specified in the Thesis/Dissertation Handbook

Once the document has been approved for publication to OhioLINK, changes and modifications to the manuscript cannot be made.

Required Forms - When the manuscript is in the final form required by the committee, the student should access the Thesis or Dissertation Defense and Manuscript Approval form and directions on the Documents and Forms Page. The completed Thesis/Dissertation Defense and Manuscript Form must be approved by the posted deadline each semester. Doctoral students should complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) ( prior to graduation. For more information on this, please read the Privacy Policy and Information Brochure.

Submitting your manuscript to OhioLINK - Once your manuscript has been defended, approved by your thesis or dissertation committee, and converted to a PDF document, you are ready to upload it to OhioLINK ETD.  Submitting to OhioLINK is easy.  Just fill in the fields with your information and attach the PDF of your thesis or dissertation.  Detailed instructions are found in the OhioLINK ETD Center Submitter Manual

Please use caution when completing the abstract section on the OhioLINK ETD database. You may need to replace special characters or formatting before you copy and paste your abstract information.  Be sure to carefully read the instructions below each field during the submission process.  

Click "New User Reigster Here!" in the bottom right corner under Login.

Approval of your ETD - Once the file has been uploaded to OhioLINK ETD, and the Defense form has been received by our office, Thesis and Dissertation Services will review the submission.  If any problems are discovered, you will be contacted as soon as possible to resolve any issues before approval and final publication is granted.  All contact is done through your BGSU e-mail.  Once published, your electronically submitted thesis or dissertation will become immediately available for download from the OhioLINK ETD website.  Publication may take up to six weeks after graduation.  

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