BGSU Curriculum Development and Curriculog

The BGSU Curriculum Development and Curriculog website outlines the curriculum development process so that it is transparent, clear, and accessible. The curriculum development process is governed by the Academic Charter (Article 8. Section E.iii – graduate, and Article 9. Section F.iii – undergraduate).

The curriculum should

  • Enhance our students learning
  • Prepare them for lives and careers beyond the university
  • Be relevant 
  • Allow students timely progress through their academic programs

Each of us is responsible for keeping our students at the center of our curricula.

BGSU uses Curriculog, a curriculum management software, for all curriculum proposals, from course changes to brand-new degree programs. Curriculog is integrated with our academic catalogs and other key university systems to allow for a more streamlined, transparent, and traceable process.

Training materials for Curriculog will be available throughout this site and training sessions are held throughout the academic year. Going forward, paper-based forms and OnBase forms will not be accepted.

Throughout this website, primary responsibilities will be explained for each role in the curriculum process. Additionally, guiding questions are provided to prepare you to

  • Think through relevant decisions,
  • Gather information required to submit in Curriculog,
  • Respond to questions frequently asked by the various curriculum committees, and
  • Complete the curriculum proposal process efficiently and effectively.

Upcoming Training Events

Updated: 09/07/2023 01:58PM