Converting your Document to PDF

For help with converting your thesis or dissertation into a PDF contact the ETD staff:

ETD Services at the Collab-Lab
Wm. T. Jerome Library, Room 122

Before beginning this process, make sure to look at the checklist located at the end of the Thesis/Dissertation Handbook!

After converting your manuscript to PDF, you will be able to specify document properties and set your bookmarks by using a version of Adobe Acrobat Professional. The computer labs on campus have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on the computers. If you are unable to come to campus, contact your advisor for assistance with document conversion. As a result of the COVID-19 online learning period (through 7/1/2020), Adobe has provided temporary at-home access to Adobe Creative Cloud, so that students can continue their work remotely. ITS has created instructions on how to enable access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.

Once your document has been successfully converted to PDF format, update Document Properties as described. Also, be sure that any hyperlinks are active and work correctly. For assistance, consult the tutorial or Adobe Acrobat Help.  Also set your bookmarks.  The bookmarks must include the preliminary pages, the major chapters, the bibliography and appendix.  When setting your bookmarks make sure the pages are set to open with the top of the page.

For your convenience here are some instructions for embedding fonts, converting your files to PDF format, setting bookmarks, and  document properties.