Converting your Document to PDF

Before beginning this process, make sure to look at the checklist located at the end of the Thesis/Dissertation Handbook!

After converting your manuscript to PDF, you will need to fill in the Document Properties, embed your fonts, set your bookmarks, and make the document accessible by using a version of Adobe Acrobat Professional. The computer labs on campus have this software available for you to use.  You may download a one week free trial at  To purchase this product, please use the same link and choose Acrobat Pro which cost $19.99 per month.  If you wait until closer to the deadline, you will find it will take us over a week to check your document due to the number of submissions so please understand that purchasing the product may be necessary.   

Once your document has been successfully converted to PDF format, update the Document Properties as described. Also, be sure that any hyperlinks are active and work correctly. Finally, set your bookmarks.  The bookmarks must include the preliminary pages, the major chapters, the bibliography and all appendices.  When setting your bookmarks make sure the pages are set to open at the top of the page.

For your convenience here are some instructions for embedding fonts, converting your files to PDF format, setting bookmarks, and document properties. 

Updated: 05/22/2023 11:42AM