Multicultural Initiatives for Graduate Student Success

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Professional Academic Interview Dinner and Colloquium  will be at BTSU on Thursday, February 21st from 5pm - 7pm. This event would be for third and fourth year doctoral students who are about to enter into the academic job market. Featured panelists will present information such as how a candidate should conduct themselves during the academic job interview process particularly during a meal whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, what to expect during an academic job interview, and what not to do during an interview, etc.

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Jackie Hudson

Position: Graduate Assistant

Message from Jackie, MIGSS Coordinator:

I want to introduce myself: My name is Jacqueline P. Hudson and I am a second-year doctoral student in the American Cultural Studies program. Also, I am  a first-generation and post-generation student. Through the MIGSS program, I have had the opportunity to meet and network with fellow graduate students and faculty/staff of color. The program has provided me academic and professional guidance. On a bi-weekly basis, I will describe my varied experiences as a graduate student of color. 


Multicultural Initiatives for Graduate Student Success (MIGSS) is a collaborative effort between the Graduate College and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The program is designed to celebrate diversity, encourage inclusion and positively influence the BGSI graduate learning community.

MIGSS assists in recruiting underrepresented populations for graduate study and coordinates a broad array of events and services designed to support students from their acceptance to graduation and beyond. With the realization that graduate education is much more than books and classes, the Graduate College encourages personal and professional growth through campus activities, career planning and preparation, networking opportunities and involvement in student organizations.

Successful achievement of academic and professional goals is a top priority of MIGSS, which is accomplished through a supportive university environment. Current graduate students often comment that the personal attention they received and the other resource support provided are among the factors that influenced their decision to choose BGSU and to persevere through the rigors of graduate education.


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Past Events

A group of panelists who will address their varied experiences as a graduate student of color and will give advice on how to navigate through post-secondary education. Plus, stick around after the panel to take part of our "speed mentoring" exercise!

At the wake of the Time's Up and #metoo movement, a round of speakers will address their perspectives on men and women working together in an academic space.

Join the MIGSS community in celebrating the end of the semester and the holiday season.

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