Multicultural Initiatives for Graduate Student Success

Upcoming events:

Graduate Appreciation Week!

When: 4/3-4/7
Where: See Campus Update and Academic Agenda
Join the Graduate College as they honor BGSU Graduate Students for all of their hardwork through a week of activities!

Message from Jillian, MIGSS Coordinator:

Hello Graduate Students!

I am so excited to work alongside the Graduate College, GSS and the Office of Multicultural Affairs to incoperate a range events foucsing on graduate student sucess. I aim to do my best to incoperate professional development services along with a focus on the well-being of graduate students. 

I believe that creating resources and relaxing outlets for underrepresented graduate students is crucial for academic sucess. If you have any suggestions on events, resources, or additional suggestions feel free to reach out to

Looking forward to a great year!



About MIGSS:

Multicultural Initiatives for Graduate Student Success (MIGSS) is a collaborative effort between the Graduate College, Graduate Student Senate, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The program is designed to celebrate diversity, encourage inclusion and positively influence the BGSU graduate learning community.

MIGSS assists in recruiting underrepresented populations for graduate study and coordinates a broad array of events and services designed to support students from their acceptance to graduation and beyond. With the realization that graduate education is much more than books and classes, the Graduate College encourages personal and professional growth through campus activities, career planning and preparation, networking opportunities and involvement in student organizations.

Achievement of academic and professional goals is a top priority of MIGSS, which is accomplished through a supportive university environment. What MIGGS aims to accomplish through the Academic year is to focus on the well-being of graduate students along with creating resources for underrepresented populations. MIGGS goals are to create a safe and accepting evnviorment where graduate students can have an outlet from everday work. MIGGS is looking forward to all the great connections and expierences for this year!


Tentative Events Spring 2023:

  • Interview Tips and Tricks 
  • Share the love, belonging and include all Graduate Students
  • Spring into International Graduate Student Advising
  • End of the year Social
For more information contact Jillian, at

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