•  February 23, 2021   2:00pm           ETD Formatting
  •  February 24, 2021   10:00am          Making Your Document Accessibile 
  •  March 8, 2021          10:00am          ETD Formatting
  •  March 9, 2021          1:30pm            Making Your Document Accessibile
  •  March 25, 2021        2:30pm            ETD Formatting
  •  March 26, 2021        10:30am          Making Your Document Accessibile

Sign up information and descriptions for each workshop are shown below.

To sign up for a workshop, please e-mail or call 419-372-9888.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail and a meeting invite with a link to the workshop.  If the workshop has handouts, those will be attached to the meeting invite.   

ETD Formatting workshop includes

  • Review of where to find items on the Graduate College Theses and Dissertations website
  • Review of the handbook
  • Using the required templates
  • Converting your document to PDF
    • Creating bookmarks
    • Filling in the Document Properties
    • Embedding fonts
  • Submission to OhioLINK
    • Delays in Publication (Embargo)
    • ProQuest

Accessibility workshop includes 

  • Using the required template and how headings are already set to be accessible
  • Making figures and tables accessible in Microsoft Word
  • Making titles, figures, tables, etc. accessible in Acrobat Professional
    • Checking the color contrast
    • Checking the reading order
  • Information on how to create alternate text for figures (do not use the same text you use in the figure's title)

If you are using LaTeX, you will need to use Acrobat Professional to make your document accessible.  This is not a part of the template you currently use.