Sign up information and descriptions for each workshop are shown below.

Date Time Location & Name of Workshop
10:00am  Formatting Your ETD & OhioLINK (Zoom)
6/1/2023 10:00am Making Your ETD Accessible & Acrobat Pro Requirements (Zoom)
6/5/2023 12:00pm  Formatting Your ETD & OhioLINK (Zoom)
6/7/2023 12:00pm Making Your ETD Accessible & Acrobat Pro Requirements (Zoom)
6/26/2023 2:00pm  Formatting Your ETD & OhioLINK (Zoom)
6/28/2023   2:00pm  Making Your ETD Accessible & Acrobat Pro Requirements (Zoom)

To sign up for a workshop, please e-mail or call 419-372-9888.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail and a meeting invite with a link to the workshop.  If the workshop has handouts, those will be attached to the meeting invite.   

ETD Formatting workshop includes

  • Review of where to find items on the Graduate College Theses and Dissertations website
  • Review of the handbook
  • How to use the required templates
  • Submission to OhioLINK
    • Delays in Publication (Embargo)
    • ProQuest

Accessibility & Acrobat Pro workshop includes

  • Using the required template and how headings are already set to be accessible
  • Making figures and tables accessible in Microsoft Word
  • Making titles, figures, tables, etc. accessible in Acrobat Professional
    • Alt text
    • Table summaries
    • Setting the header row
  • Information on how to create alternate text for figures (do not use the same text you use in the figure's title)
  •  Converting your document to PDF from Word
    • Combining documents
    • Creating bookmarks
    •  Filling in the Document Properties
      • This sets the title and the language for accessibility purposes
    • Embedding fonts

If you are using LaTeX, you will need to use Acrobat Professional to make your document accessible.  This is not a part of the template you currently use.

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