OhioLINK will be requiring each PDF submitted to their website to be accessible as of January 2022.  The purpose of having a web-accessible document is to provide everyone the opportunity to view your work.  Web accessible documents allow those with little to no vision access to your document with the aid of a screen reader or other visual aid. 

Students will be responsbile for the following:

  • Color contrast
  • Alternate text for figures, schemes, and equations
  • Text indentifiable headings for each major topic change (first level heading)
  • Making sure to not have merged cells in your tables because this goes against accessibility standards

You will be required to perform an accessibiility check in Microsoft Word before converting your document to PDF.  You will need to use the templates provided by the Graduate College.  These Microsoft Word documents have been set up with the proper accessible headings for the preliinary pages, and for page 1 of the body of your text. LaTex users will need to use Acrobat Pro DC to complete the requirements.  We realize the .zip file tempalte will make a PDF for you, but it cannot add alternate text to your figures, schemes and equations.  Information on how to complete these requirements is found in our Microsoft Word Accessibility document and our  Acrobat Pro DC document.  We offer three workshops per semester with this information.