Early Alerts

We use Navigate's Campus Early Alert for the early identification, outreach and support of undergraduate students in foundational courses who may need some academic assistance. Early Alerts are used to help us reach students who are struggling academically early enough in the semester to find the resources they need to be successful in college.

Specifically, Early Alerts are used to help:

  • Identify and prioritize students needing extra assistance in critical foundational courses
  • Engage in conversations with students who may be at academic risk in order to help them identify and access academic support offices and initiatives early on in their collegiate careers to successfully remediate any challenges
  • Simplify intervention by aggregating previously disparate data into a holistic view of students' progress

Faculty and staff submit alerts utilizing a group of performance indicators and behaviors that are considered critical indicators of overall academic success, which includes:

  • Poor Attendance
  • Missing Assignments
  • Poor Class Participation
  • Low Quiz/Test Scores
  • Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
  • Inadequate Homework or Assignments

Students are encouraged to read their Early Alert email and follow the instructors. They also are encouraged to talk with the faculty or staff member that raised the alert to access academic support services. Some common action steps may include visiting the Learning Commons for tutoring, developing plans to study more often and more efficiently, creating and using an effective note-taking strategy, adopting time management and organization strategies, and making the commitment to become a more engaged, active learner.