Graduate Students on the Market

Christopher R. Dennison

Phone: 330.714.7849
Email: dennicr@bgsu.edu

Research Interests
  • The association between socioeconomic status (SES) and crime, life course criminology, social mobility, and consequences of criminal justice system involvement.
  • Educational Mobility and Crime throughout the Life Course (Dr. Raymond Swisher, Chair)


Jessica G. Finkeldey

Phone: 513.393.5689
Email: finnkelj@bgsu.edu

Research Interests
  • Racial disparities in criminal justice outcomes, and the influence of race/ethnicity, class, and gender on antisocial behavior, the association between self-identities and subsequent antisocial behavior, as well as consequences of mass incarceration (particularly parental incarceration).
  • "Parental Incarceration and Identity and Antisocial Behavior from Adolescence to Young Adulthood" (Dr. Monica A. Longmore, Chair)


Matthew R. Wright

Phone: 317.840.7702
Email: mrwrigh@bgsu.edu

Research Interests
  • The role of marital status in the lives of older adults, with an emphasis on the ways in which cohabitation and divorce are associated with the health, well-being, and social relationships of older individuals. Exploring societal attitudes regarding families, giving attention to how views have changed over time.
  • "Cohabitation among Older Adults: Well-Being, Relationships with Adult Children, and the Receipt of Care" (Dr. Susan L. Brown, Chair)