Graduate Students on the Market

Christopher R. Dennison

Phone: 330.714.7849
Email: dennicr@bgsu.edu

Research Interests
  • The association between socioeconomic status (SES) and crime, life course criminology, social mobility, and consequences of criminal justice system involvement.
  • Educational Mobility and Crime throughout the Life Course (Dr. Raymond Swisher, Chair)


Jessica G. Finkeldey

Phone: 513.393.5689
Email: finnkelj@bgsu.edu

Research Interests
  • Racial disparities in criminal justice outcomes, and the influence of race/ethnicity, class, and gender on antisocial behavior, the association between self-identities and subsequent antisocial behavior, as well as consequences of mass incarceration (particularly parental incarceration).
  • "Parental Incarceration and Identity and Antisocial Behavior from Adolescence to Young Adulthood" (Dr. Monica A. Longmore, Chair)


Matthew R. Wright

Phone: 317.840.7702
Email: mrwrigh@bgsu.edu

Research Interests
  • The role of marital status in the lives of older adults, with an emphasis on the ways in which cohabitation and divorce are associated with the health, well-being, and social relationships of older individuals. Exploring societal attitudes regarding families, giving attention to how views have changed over time.
  • "Cohabitation among Older Adults: Well-Being, Relationships with Adult Children, and the Receipt of Care" (Dr. Susan L. Brown, Chair)  

Jessica A. Ziegler

Phone: 502.758.2534
Email: jaziegl@bgsu.edu

Research Interests
  • Patterns and predictors of victimization over the life course, life course transitions and their association with criminal desistance (particularly parenthood), neighborhoods and crime, and consequences of juvenile involvement in the criminal justice system.
  • "An Examination of Violent Victim Careers from Adolescence to Adulthood" (Dr. Danielle C. Kuhl, Chair)