Would you like to plan your own major and choose courses from a number of interdisciplinary subject areas that interest you? Would you like to travel and study abroad? Would you like to work abroad in governmental and non-governmental positions? Do you enjoy studying the history, culture, social issues and achievements of peoples of African descent in the United States and other parts of the world? Would you like to receive a first-rate liberal arts degree in order to be well prepared for the job market locally and globally as well as work for graduate study? If you have answered yes to these questions, you should seriously consider majoring in Africana Studies.

Requirements: Major and Minor

Full-time faculty members work closely with students in planning a major or minor course of study based on specific individual interests.

In addition to the general education requirements, the Africana Studies major requires 30 semester hours. AFRS majors design, in consultation with a faculty adviser, an area of emphasis consisting of at least 21 hours and selected from three different academic areas, 12 hours being at the 3000/4000 level. Students may have a concentration comprised of 4 courses; faculty advisers will help students identify appropriate courses based on career interested and/or anticipated graduate studies.

The minor requires 21 hours, 6 of which are selected from the core curriculum and 5 elective courses from the Africana Studies interdisciplinary offerings. No courses from AFRS major may be used. 12 hours must be in courses at the 3000-level or higher, and be selected from at least three departments and/or programs.

Africana Studies Checksheet

Africana Studies Core: (9 hours)

  • AFRS 2000 Introduction to Africana Studies (3)
  • AFRS 3000 Special Topics in Africana Studies (3)
  • AFRS 4000 Africana Studies Capstone (3)

Africana Interdisciplinary Courses (21 hours)

ACS 2300 African Religions in the United States (3)
ARTH 3750 Art of Western Africa (3)
ARTH 4950* Special Topics in Art History (1-3)
ETHN 1200 Introduction to Black Studies (3)
ETHN 2200 African Literature (3)
ETHN 3200 Literature of Black Nationalism (3)
ETHN 3400 Afro-American Cinematic Experience (3)
ETHN 4300 Perspectives on Race & Ethnicity (3)
ETHN 4800* Seminar in Ethnic Studies (3)
GEOG 3470 Africa (3)
HDFS 1070 Black Families in America (3)
HIST 3140 Black Religion and Culture (3)
HIST 3150 Slavery in the Americas (3)
HIST 3170 African Cultures and Societies (3)
HIST 3910 African Religion (3)
 HIST 4000* Topics in History (3)
(* when offered as an Africana topic)

HIST 4020 Colonial Africa (3)
HIST 4030 Contemporary Africa (3)
HIST 4040 Africa and World Politics (3)
HIST 4130 Caribbean and Spanish Main (3)
HIST 4320 Aspects of African History (3)
KNS 3950* Workshop on Current Topics (1-3)
MUCT 2330 Music in African Culture (2)
MUCT 2370 Jazz (3)
MUCT 4210E Afro-Caribbean Ensemble (1)
MUCT 4310 Aesthetics of Black Music (3)
POLS 4000* Topics in Political Science (1-3)
POPC 1700 Black Popular Culture (3)
POPC 3800* Contexts of Popular Music (3)
ROCS 2200 American Literature (3)
THFM 3500 Milestones in Black Theatre (3)
WS 3000* Topics in Women's Studies (1-4)

View course descriptions and/or determine which courses will be offered each semester. Also, students interested in learning more about requirements for majors and minors should contact the College of Arts & Sciences at 372-2016 or Dr. Apollos Nwauwa, Director of Africana Studies at 419-372-2269 or 419-372-9483.