Curriculum Resource Center Mission

The CRC is a collection of high-quality materials for educators to use with learners in grades preK-12. Award winning juvenile literature, engaging curriculum materials, and hands-on manipulatives are selected and maintained by staff with years of expertise who care deeply about connecting educators with valuable learning resources to use with their students.

Vision Statement

The CRC strives to provide an environment where educators and community members can discover high-quality educational materials that engage, ignite, and create readers and learners.

History of Collection

Frances F. Povsic Collection

The Frances F. Povsic Collection, so named on March 20, 2001 in honor of Professor Povsic's significant, enduring and distinctive contributions to the Curriculum Resource Center, University Libraries and Bowling Green State University, includes the majority of the Curriculum Resource Center materials. The collection includes award-winning books, children’s and young adult literature, textbooks, reference materials, lesson planning resources and teaching aids. During her seventeen years as Head Librarian of the Curriculum Resource Center, before her retirement in 1990, Professor Povsic consolidated and developed the Curriculum Resource Center's collections and services, established an organizational system for the materials, and prepared detailed plans for the expansion and move to the second floor of the library in 1978.   

About Frances F. Povsic

Frances was a graduate of Teacher's College, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Yugoslavia and received her bachelor's degree in History Education from John Carroll University and her MLS from Western Reserve University.  She joined BGSU in 1963 as a government documents librarian and instructor.  She became a reference librarian in 1964 and named Head Librarian of the Curriculum Resource Center in 1973. Frances was Head Librarian of the CRC from 1973 to 1990 , and she participated in the supplemental retirement program from 1990-1991. 

Frances' area of research was children's and young adult's literature of East European countries and the Soviet Union.  She was the author of numerous articles and two books:  Eastern Europe in Children's Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of English -Language Books and The Soviet Union in Literature for Children and Young Adults: An Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Books.

Frances received a Certificate of Honor from the Student Government Association for providing guidance, inspiration, and support to the student program on the BGSU campus in 1981.  She was promoted to Professor in 1988. In 1989 Frances received the friends of the Libraries Staff Award for Meritorious Service to BGSU Libraries and Learning Resources.  Frances retired in 1990, but participated in the supplemental retirement program, 1990-91.

Matt Hungling Collection

The Hungling Disney Collection includes over 700 children's books, videocassettes, music scores and pop-up books accessible through the University Libraries catalog. Matthew Hungling has been collecting Disney memorabilia for over 25 years. Matthew Hungling has been collecting Disney memorabilia for over 25 years and is pleased to provide the collection for use by BGSU and OhioLINK students, faculty and staff. The materials are housed in the Curriculum Resource Center located on the second floor of Jerome Library. Materials circulate for three weeks.

About Matt Hungling

Matthew "Matt" Hungling, a native of Bowling Green, graduated from BGSU in 1974 with a B.S. in Education degree with a major in Library and Educational Media (LEM) and a minor in Earth Science. Matt's passion for libraries started when he was in 6th grade and worked in his school library. In 1973, while completing his undergraduate studies he worked in Jerome Library as a library student assistant. In 1976, Matt joined University Libraries as a Library Assistant in Access Services. During the time that Matt has worked in Access Services he has always demonstrated a strong commitment for library services. Thus, in 1986 Matt was the first recipient of the Friends Staff Award. Today, Matt is a Library Media Technical Assistant 2 (LMTA 2) and is enthusiastic about celebrating 41 years of Jerome Library in December of 2017.

Matt started his love for collections when he was still in Junior High. His grandfather gave Matt a stamp collection. Matt's early collecting interests were stamps, coins, and Marvel comics. In 1982, during his first trip to Walt Disney World (WDW), in Florida, Matt started his Disney collection. He purchased some early souvenirs of the recently opened Epcot Center. Since then, Matt has been traveling to WDW once every year. Matt's Disney collection includes thousands of pins, children and young adult books, videos, postcards, and sketches purchased at the Disney theme parks, online, at antique stores, or traded with other collectors.

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