3-D Printing, Modeling, and Scanning

The Collab Lab currently offers free 3-D printing to students, faculty, and staff. Novices and the curious are welcome! Preference is given to students for academic purposes. Students should bring their syllabus, rubric, assignment or other proof of academic need.

3-D Printing an Object

The Collab Lab supports SketchUp, Maya, and Blender for 3D modeling purposes. Get started with 3-D modeling.

  • All files must be saved to a USB flash drive as a .stl file.
  • Objects will be printed as a single color.
  • The maximum size that can be printed is 5 X 5 X 5.

A Collab Lab technician is available to assist with production and will provide a printing time estimate.

The Collab Lab will e-mail you from library3d-print@bgsu.edu when your item is ready. We request that you pick up your item within 48 hours of notification.

You are encouraged to call 419-372-9277 or visit the Collab Lab to schedule a printing time.

3-D Printing Rules

  1. One free 3-D print per week. (For example, it cannot be 5 parts of one item that require 5 separate prints).
  2. Printing is available on a first-come first-served basis during normal hours of operation.
  3. No weapons will be printed (Student Code of Conduct lists firearms, explosives, incendiary devices, or dangerous chemicals). No knives, shivs, or swords.
  4. All prints must comply with the 3-D Printing Policy.
  5. Items already in the printing process will not be cancelled. If a printer is currently in use, the Collab Lab employee will let the customer know approximately what time a printer will be available.
  6. The Collab Lab does not take print orders. You must be present to start a 3-D print.

3-D Scanning

The Collab Lab has a DAVID scanner and software package that can perform a 360-degree scan. Once scanning is complete, you can stitch together each scan and manipulate the object in SketchUp, Maya, or Blender to fine tune the object. All DAVID scans are compatible with our 3-D printers.