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Historical Collections of the Great Lakes

The Vincent D. Nickerson Collection consists of original perspective drawings, many in color, prepared to provide the details needed for the paintings Nickerson was commissioned to produce. These drawings often provide scale drawings as well as color schemes of Great Lakes vessels from the 1840’s to 1910.  This exhibit includes fifty-two of the more than three hundred original vessel drawings in the Nickerson Collection dating from 1880 to circa 1910. The Nickerson Collection is one of the most, if not the most, extensive body of work of a Great Lakes marine artist in a public institution. All of the materials are currently housed in the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes Collection in the Center for Archival Collections.

Vincent D. Nickerson

Rare Books and Special Collections

Bookplates have been used for centuries by collectors to identify materials in their collections. These decorative labels are often found glued onto endpapers or inside covers. Often the design of the bookplate can tell you much about the individual who owned the book including their personal interests or philosophies. This exhibit is a celebration of bookplates and offers a range of bookplates by style and era. All of the bookplates are courtesy of materials currently housed in the Rare Books Collection located in the Center for Archival Collections.

Rare Book Bookplates

Artists’ books are creations by authors and artists that are not only artful in their verse but also their physicality. An artists’ book can be as varied physically as a book’s genre. They can be in an unusual shape or made of a unique material. This exhibit presents a few examples of artists’ books found in the Center for Archival Collections’ Rare Books and Special Collections department. The books in this exhibit range in form from miniature to fold-out. The materials used and the genre’s depicted are varied, but all of them can truly be called works of art.

Artists' Books

University Archives

Welcome to the BGSU Campus Tour! This exhibit was designed to give a view of the growth and development of Bowling Green State University from its founding to today. Buildings are divided into categories based on their function. More photographs of BGSU buildings, past and present, can be found within the University Archives in the Center for Archival Collections.

BGSU Campus Tour

More than buildings, more than classes, it is people who make Bowling Green State University what it is, and what it has been. Presidents set the tone of the campus during their administration. Faculty, coaches, employees, and administrators work to help students get through the daily round of lectures and study, dorm life and social life. This exhibit features past presidents and faculty and staff, alumni and friends, board of trustees members, award winners, and staff council chairs.

People at BGSU

Homecoming, mascots and seals, legends and traditions, athletics and student government... While academics are certainly the main focus, there are many aspects to university life. This exhibit focuses on some of the activities and traditions that make Bowling Green State University unique.

BGSU Spirits & Traditions

Maps and aerial views of Bowling Green State University created over the years are a valuable resource for studying the growth and changes on the campus over time. Some buildings have served the university continuously since its opening day, while others have risen temporarily only to be replaced with newer or larger facilities as the students' needs have changed.

The Educational Memorabilia Center Collection, honoring Bowling Green State University’s beginnings as a state normal college or teacher training school, features an original one-room school house, the District # 6 school constructed near Norwalk, Ohio in 1875, and donated by the Linder Family to Bowling Green State University. It was moved to campus in 1975. Referred to as the Little Red Schoolhouse, it was officially dedicated in 1976.

In addition to the school building and its period contents, BGSU is home to a substantial collection of educational artifacts including bells, inkwells, slates, textbooks, reference works, and historic documents. The University Libraries’ catalog includes over 3,000 representative volumes spanning both the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. Click on the photo to see the gallery.

Northwest Ohio Resources

This exhibit features Northwest Ohio photos, as well as quotes from the Wood County Democrat, which offer a fascinating snapshot of Bowling Green just a century ago.

1900s Northwest Ohio Business and Recreation

The Toledo Publicity and Efficiency Commission took hundreds of photographs of the workings of municipal government, from 1946 to the early 1960s. Some of those photographs are highlighted in this exhibit and more photos can be found in the Center for Archival Collections.

Toledo Publicity and Efficiency

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BGSU Digital Gallery