BGSU Wireless Networks

BGSU provides a variety of wireless networks/SSIDs to campus, each with their own recommended use cases. The preferred network for all BGSU faculty, staff and students is eduroam (for general internet use). The eduroam network encrypts all traffic and keeps the user logged in indefinitely, or until they change their BGSU password. Please use the tabs below to determine which network is best suited for your needs.

eduroam is a secure, global wireless network access service created specifically for the research and education community and is the preferred wireless network for use with computers, smart phones and tablets for all BGSU faculty, staff and students.

Authenticate using your BGSU email address and password and you can stay logged into the network indefinitely (or until your BGSU password changes). This network is extremely safe and secure, and encrypts all traffic.

Eduroam also allows users from participating academic institutions to securely access the internet at any other eduroam participating locations.

Visitors to our campus from participating organizations can log on to BGSU's wireless network while on the BGSU campus by searching for wireless networks and selecting the available eduroam option. They will be prompted to login using their home institution's email address and password.

Information on connecting your device to the eduroam network


secureBG is a wireless network available for use with computers, smart phones and tablets for all BGSU students, faculty and staff. Authenticate using your BGSU credentials and you can stay logged in for up to six months! This network encrypts all traffic.

*Please Note: The secureBG network will be decommissioned in the near future, so it is recommended that all BGSU students/faculty/staff configure their devices to connect to the eduroam network.


The bgsu network is an unencrypted wireless network. Encryption is still supported to websites and VPN, if available.


BGSU-Guest is similar to the bgsu network, but is specifically for short-term guests and Sponsored Guests visiting Bowling Green State University. Examples of those who should use the BGSU-Guest network are parents/guardians, friends, colleagues on campus for a short time period, students attending a campus visit, guests attending campus events, previously registered Sponsored Guests, etc. 

Bandwidth and content access on this network is restricted.

Create a Wireless Guest Account

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ResMediaNet is only available within campus residence halls. Some devices are unable to connect to the secureBG network due to the type of security used and the media centered nature of the device. ResMediaNet should be used for semester-long connections for these devices which include gaming systems, streaming devices, and SmartTVs.

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