Wireless Initiatives

BGSU Information Technology Services strives to continuously improve campus wifi coverage and signal strength. Every year various wireless improvement projects are identified, initiated and completed. For a wireless project to be approved, a variety of elements are taken into consideration, including:

  • Cost
  • Traffic
  • Academic need
  • Size/area
  • Time/duration

More information on past, present and future wireless initiatives are outlined on this page.

Residence Hall Council Meetings

ITS places priority on improving campus wifi in areas with high traffic and academic use. Students spend the majority of their time on campus in academic buildings attending class, or in their residence halls. In order to gauge the need for wireless improvement projects in residence halls, a representative from ITS attends various Residence Hall Council meetings (one per residence hall, per year). This is a great opportunity to collect and provide feedback based on our students' needs.   

Campus Wireless Upgrade

BGSU Main and Firelands campuses combined contain 3400 wireless access points. The completed Aruba project replaced the entire wireless system, expanding our wireless coverage and capacity. This helped us better segment our network for increased security while simplifying user access. Additionally, wireless sensors are being deployed across campus to help us proactively identify and resolve problems, overall improving the wireless user experience.

Over the past several years, ITS has placed emphasis on improving BGSU wireless coverage and signal strength. The images below depict how bandwidth has increased as well as the total number of wireless access points (WAPs).


*ISP = Internet Service Provider

Wireless Network Initiatives over the Years


The Aruba wireless project began in the summer of 2021 and was fully completed the summer of 2023. This project replaced the entire wireless infrastructure and back end with the leading technology of its kind.

Future wireless endeavors will include the continuation of the Outdoor Wireless Initiative and the reconfiguring of residence hall WAPs. Specifics for these projects and other future projects will be added as information becomes available.

Updated: 07/19/2023 04:36PM