BGSU Leadership Academy

Bowling Green State University was proud to offer the Leadership Academy to all faculty and staff annually.  The University is dedicated to providing an exceptional professional development opportunities that will improve leadership skills, intellectual competence, as well as promote and encourage effective relationships, partnerships and collaboration. 

With the overall vision and strategic plan of the University serving as the foundation for the Leadership Academy, faculty and staff participants will work and learn together to build our institutional leadership capacity for today and for the future.  The Leadership Academy, an integrated four-month program, offers a systematic approach for faculty and staff to learn leadership theories and, through small group collaboration, provide an institutional response to the initiatives outlined in the BGSU strategic plan, culminating in a measurable outcome.

2019 BGLA Cohort

Congratulations to the following BGSU staff and faculty members who are part of the BGLA cohort.  The Kickoff is January 29, 2019.  Check back periodically for updates and get a glance at what the cohort is up to!!

Beth Ash, COSMOS
Laura Barned, College of Education and Human Development
Allison Brandeberry, University Libraries
Kyle Butler, ITS
Deb Carden, Academic & Career Counseling/Firelands
Becky Cogswell, Registration and Records
AnnMarie DeTray, ITS
Bob Gangwer, Campus Operations
Miguel Garza, Technology Support Services/Firelands
Jeremy Joseph, Learning Commons
Andy Lynch, ITS
Paul Morris, Biological Sciences
Angela Pezzi, Arts & Sciences
Jenna Pollock, COSMOS
Jerry Schnepp, Visual Communication & Technology Education
Chris Schommer, School of Human Movement, Sport & Leisure Studies
Angela Shank, Campus Operations
Angelo Singleton, TRIO
Sue Tomor, ITS
Betsy Winters, On line and Summer Programs

2018 BGLA Cohort


BGLA 2018 cohort and committee members (from left to right) Lisa Dubose, planning committee member; Rochelle Meyer, planning committee; Carol Puder, cohort member; Leslie Fern, planning committee member; Viva McCarver, Chief Human Resources Officer; Jennifer Grulke, cohort member; Sue Segaard, cohort member; Jamie Schimmoeller, cohort member; PJ Enright, cohort member; Scott Blackwood, cohort member; President Rodney Rogers;  Jaime Spradlin, cohort member;  Tracy Huziak-Clark, cohort member; Brittany Scott, cohort member; Kimberlyn Brooks, cohort member; Matthew Donahue, cohort member; Jason Hartigan, cohort member; Teresa Earl, cohort member; Patrick Dymarkowski, cohort member; Charles Coletta, cohort member. Not pictured:  Jennifer Buening, cohort member.

The 2018 cohort worked diligently to develop projects supporting BGSU’s strategic plan.  Below is a brief overview of each group’s project.  To view the entire presentation click on the link to the full length video. 

Fortify Falcon Minds

Exploring resources for student wellness with a particular focus on student mental health. Fortified Falcon Minds explored a variety of existing resources to support faculty and staff to help students who are experiencing distress. In addition, several discussions with many campus partners took place to determine what the needs were. The group designed a survey meant to go to faculty and staff allowing them to identify areas they want resources or access to resources to enhance support for student mental health. Their initiative supported Strategic Goal 6. View full presentation.

Better Online Learning Technologies (BOLT)

Provide BGSU faculty the best possible resources to learn to use Canvas effectively, allowing them to create an engaging and productive online learning environment to enhance the student experience at BGSU. Their initiative supported Strategic Goals 1 & 6. View full presentation.

Civic Engagers

Researching and identifying a centralized source for volunteerism for the BGSU community. There are multiple departments on campus that assist with volunteer projects, but not one central source. We are looking at ways to make this better for our students, faculty and staff.  Their initiative supported Strategic Goals 1 & 3. View full presentation.

Please help us congratulate this year’s BGLA cohort for a job well done!  

If you are interested in learning more about the Academy and participating in the 2018-2019 cohort please contact Leslie Fern at