BGSU Leadership Academy

Bowling Green State University was proud to offer the Leadership Academy to all faculty and staff in 2017.  The University is dedicated to providing an exceptional professional development opportunities that will improve leadership skills, intellectual competence, as well as promote and encourage effective relationships, partnerships and collaboration. 

With the overall vision and strategic plan of the University serving as the foundation for the Leadership Academy, faculty and staff participants will work and learn together to build our institutional leadership capacity for today and for the future.  The Leadership Academy, an integrated five-month program, offers a systematic approach for faculty and staff to learn leadership theories and, through small group collaboration, provide an institutional response to the initiatives outlined in the BGSU strategic plan, culminating in a measurable outcome.


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2017 BGLA Planning Committee and Cohort


Front row- from left to right: Marcus Sherrell  (planning committee member), Chet Hesson (planning committee member), Leslie Fern (planning committee member), Dr. Kristen Rudisill (cohort member), Dr. Krishna Han (cohort member), Mary Kay Inkrott (cohort member), Katie Mihaly (cohort Member) and Dr. Mary-Jon Ludy (planning committee member)  Back row - from left to right, Michael Turner (planning committee member), President, Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey, Don Schumacher (cohort member), Dana Eskins (cohort member), Dave Theby (cohort member), Jenny Wensink (cohort member), Jenn Stucker (cohort member), Lynn Gochenour, Erica Mills (cohort member), Todd Glick (cohort member), Amy Lanning (cohort member), Kristie Ackerman (planning committee member), Matt Webb (cohort member), Lisa Dubose (planning committee member), Rochelle Meyer (planning committee member), Viva McCarver, Chief Human Resources Officer, Jeff Jackson (planning committee member), and Dr. Angela Nelson (planning committee member)

This year’s cohort worked diligently to develop projects supporting BGSU’s strategic plan.  Below is a brief overview of each group’s project.  To view the entire presentation click on the link to the full length video. 

The Retainers

Focused on creating an “On boarding” program for new BGSU faculty and staff. The program would accelerate the process of acclimating new BGSU hires to the campus, culture and community. It would also facilitate relationships between those in the Falcon Family and develop opportunities for BGSU employees to engage and mentor new employees. Their initiative supported Strategic goals 5, 6 & 7 of the strategic plan. View full presentation.

Falcon Engagers

Focused on engaging with recent Alumni. Statically, only 6.5% of Alumni give back to BGSU. If they are engaged, however, that number goes up to 32%. The Engagers developed a survey to gather information from recent Alumni (graduates from the last 10 years) and their potential interest and awareness of services offered through Career Services at BGSU and to engage them with current students. Their initiative supported Strategic goals 6 & 7 of the strategic plan. View full presentation.


Focused on publicizing the collaborative efforts, projects and opportunities that currently exist at the University and create a depository for all collaborative efforts. The depository would be located on the CollabLab website. Their initiative supported Strategic goal 3 of the strategic plan. View full presentation.

Please help us congratulate this year’s BGLA cohort for a job well done!  

If you are interested in learning more about the Academy and participating in the 2017-2018 cohort please contact Leslie Fern at