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Bowling Green State University offers two health insurance options that are self-funded and administered by Medical Mutual of Ohio.  The prescription drug benefit is included as part of both health insurance options and is administered by CVS/Caremark.

The Medical Mutual of Ohio website offers many tools to assist you with reviewing claims, checking your deductibles, locating providers, and reviewing all the options available under the plans to assist you.  You can even print a temporary ID card and order a new one.  You can also contact Medical Mutual of Ohio at 1-800-315-3137.


Medical Mutual Member Guide and FAQs

2020 Healthcare Comparison Toolkit

2020 Employee Healthcare contributions

Flu Shot Information

Additional Tools & Information

Based on your situation, determine where it's best to find care, by using this helpful brochure.  

  • Medical Mutual offers a Telemedicine option through Cleveland Clinic.  The cost for an Online Visit, depending on your plan type, may be the office visit copay or a $49 online fee for a 10-minute consultation.  The cost of specialty services can be discussed with your provider in-person, so please be sure to ask.  
  • Cleveland Clinic offers Telemedicine through their Express Care Online option.
  • Unsure if your situation warrants Urgent Care or the Emergency Room?  Call the Medical Mutual Nurseline at 1-888-912-0636 for assistance.
  • COVID-19 Information from Medical Mutual of Ohio for covered members

Spousal Rule

If the spouse of a benefit eligible BGSU employee is employed full-time (outside of BGSU) and their employer pays 70% or more of the total premium cost for their coverage, the spouse must be on their employer's plan to be eligible for secondary coverage through BGSU.  Any employee requesting to cover a spouse on the BGSU healthcare/prescription coverage must complete the appropriate spousal certification form below when the spouse is newly added to the plan, and annually during Open Enrollment.   Please review the selection criteria below to determine the appropriate form based on your spouse's employment status.  If your spouse is employed full-time outside of BGSU, your spouse and their employer's HR Department must also complete and sign portions of the form.  Once the form has been completed by you, your spouse, and your spouse's HR Department (and the FINISH button has been selected), the form will be complete for consideration by BGSU Human Resources.

Note:  Once you have completed the entry on the form, make sure to click 'Finish".

Spousal Health Insurance Employer Certification - Spouse works full-time external to BGSU

Fill this form out if your spouse fits the following description.

  • Spouse is employed full-time (not at BGSU)

Please note:  To complete this form, you will need your spouse's email address, and the email address of your spouse's employer's Human Resources Department.  This form needs to be completed by you, your spouse, and your spouse's employer and received by the Office of Human Resources prior to the deadline to be accepted as complete.

Spousal Health Insurance Certification

Fill this form out if your spouse fits one of the following description(s):

  • Spouse is retired
  • Spouse is unemployed
  • Spouse is self-employed
  • Spouse is a BGSU employee
  • Spouse is employed part-time

The BGSU Health Plan A is a traditional PPO plan through Medical Mutual of Ohio.  The information regarding this plan can be found in the links below.  Also included with this plan is Prescription Coverage administered by CVS/Caremark.  For more information regarding the Prescription Coverage, please review the Prescription tab.

2019 Health Plan A – Booklet

2020 Health Plan A Booklet - Coming Soon!

What changed in Plan A for 2020?  Examples below - Please review all materials for details.

  • Increase in single/family deductibles
  • Increase in single/family out-of-pocket maximums
  • Increase in Generic Prescription copay cost (example: $6 to $10)
  • New separate out-of-pocket maximums in place for prescriptions
  • Prescription coverage will now follow ACA guidelines - this now includes prescription coverage for many types of birth control
  • Preventive care is now covered at 100% according to ACA guidelines.

2020 Health Plan A - Summary of Benefits and Coverage Notice

The BGSU Health Plan B is a High Deductible Health Plan through Medical Mutual of Ohio.  The information regarding this plan can be found in the links below.  Also included with this plan is Prescription Coverage administered by CVS/Caremark.  For more information regarding the Prescription Coverage, please review the Prescription tab.

2019 Health Plan B Booklet - Single Coverage

2019 Health Plan B Booklet - Family Coverage

2020 Health Plan B Booklet - Coming Soon!

2020 BGSU Plan B Brochure

2020 Health Plan B - Summary of Benefits and Coverage Notice - Individual

2020 Health Plan B - Summary of Benefits Coverage Notice - Family

The CVS/Caremark secure website and Mobile App can assist you to:

  • Refill and renew mail service prescriptions for yourself and family members
  • ID unknown pills with the pill identifier
  • Check for potential drug interactions among medications
  • Check order status and view your prescription history
  • Check drug coverage and cost under your plan
  • Find local pharmacies in your plan's network

If you prefer to speak to someone, you can reach CVS/Caremark directly at 1-888-202-1654.

For a 90-day supply of maintenance prescription medications, these can be dispensed in three different locations under our plan.  Please note that the price can differ by location, and therefore please check pricing before selecting your final purchase location.  This can be done by using the line tools below to look up prescription costs by plan, or by contacting the locations directly.

  • Falcon Health Center Pharmacy
  • CVS/Caremark Mail Order
  • CVS Local Pharmacy (any location)

The CVS/Caremark Primary/Preferred Drug List is a guide within select therapeutic categories for plan members and health care providers.  Generics should be considered first.  If there is no generic available, there may be more than one brand-name medicine to treat a condition.  These preferred brand-name medicines are listed to help identify products that are clinically appropriate and cost-effective.  Generics listed in the therapeutic categories are for representational purposes only.  This is not an all-inclusive list.  This list represents brand products in CAPS and generic products in lowercase italics.

Preferred Drug List

Please note - The Preferred Drug Listing is not specific to BGSU, however a general CVS/Caremark document.  For coverage specific to BGSU, please use the Plan A & B prescription drug cost tools below or contact CVS/Caremark directly.

We encourage you to take the Preferred Drug List with you to your physician to discuss your prescription choices.

For additional information, please review the data in the links below. 

CareChoice network Pharmacy Listing       

Plan A - Look up a prescription cost

Plan B - Look up a prescription cost