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Bowling Green State University offers Life Insurance benefits through Minnesota Life, also known as Securian Life.

Minnesota Life/Securian Life

Life Insurance Certificate Booklet

Financial Security

Forecasting future financial needs can be most challenging. Whether you are trying to ensure that
your family is provided for in the event that the unexpected happens, or you are attempting to build for
your retirement, it is important to understand what is available for you here at BGSU.

Basic Life Insurance

BGSU offers basic life insurance coverage through Minnesota Life, including an accidental death and
dismemberment benefit to all full-time faculty, administrative and classified staff.

The basic life insurance amount is one and one-half times the base annual salary rounded to the next $1,000 with a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $125,000 in coverage.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that employees be taxed on the value of the employer paid
group life insurance coverage exceeding $50,000, which is known as “imputed income.” This
means that for life insurance coverage that exceeds $50,000 per year, the tax you owe on the value
of the coverage that exceeds $50,000 is reported to the IRS in Box 12 of your year-end W-2 form.
The tax is based upon age brackets based on your age on the last day of that calendar year and will
increase in five-year increments as you grow older.

Optional Life Insurance for You

As a new hire you may enroll in Optional Life Insurance within the first 30 days from your date of hire.  The coverage is effective the first day of the month following your hire date.  During Open Enrollment, employees have an opportunity to elect or increase the amount of optional life insurance.

You can enroll up to 5 times your annualized earnings, not to exceed $300,000. (Annualized salary is
your base salary as of September 1, and does not include stipends or other earnings you may be

If you do not currently have optional life coverage and wish to enroll, you will be required to provide
evidence of insurability.

If you currently have optional life coverage, you will be able to increase it by one level without
providing evidence of insurability as long as the level is not in excess of the guaranteed amount
based on your age or salary. If your elected amount is above the guaranteed issue amount, you will
be directed to submit evidence of insurability.

Evidence of Insurability

Evidence of Insurability, commonly referred to as EOI, requires you as the faculty, administrative or
classified staff member to provide more information in order for Minnesota Life (for optional life
insurance) to determine acceptance for insurance. If you are required to submit an EOI, you must complete the appropriate form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources by the Open Enrollment deadline.

Age Reduction Clause: The amount of employees’ basic life insurance and accidental death and
dismemberment insurance coverage has an age-reduction provision that results in the employee’s
coverage reducing by 50% when he or she reaches age 70. For example, if your life insurance
coverage is $50,000, the amount paid to your beneficiary would be one-half of the covered amount
(half of $50,000 = $25,000).

Dependent Life Insurance for your spouse and child(ren)

BGSU offers life insurance on your dependents on a voluntary basis, as a new hire and/or during the
annual Open Enrollment. This coverage is designed to help ease the economic consequences in the
event of a dependent’s fatal illness or sudden death. During Open Enrollment, if you do not currently
have dependent life insurance and wish to enroll, your dependent(s) will be required to provide
evidence of insurability. The coverage amounts of the policy are as follows:

  • Spouse - $10,000
  • Child age 15 days to 6 months - $500
  • Child age 6 months to age 21 - $5,000.

The monthly cost is $2 regardless of the number of dependents. Your per-pay-period amount will
show on your online enrollment.

If you are not currently enrolled, and elect coverage during Open Enrollment, in order to be approved
by Minnesota Life, you will need to submit evidence of insurability for each dependent you wish to cover.

Once your child reaches 21 years of age, it is your responsibility to notify the Office of Human Resources to drop your child from coverage.

Portability and Conversion for Life Insurance Coverage at Termination 

You have the right to choose continuation coverage from Minnesota Life/Securian Life for your life insurance. If elect to continue your life insurance coverage upon termination from BGSU, elections must be made within 30 days of your termination date in order to convert your current life insurance policies. You can obtain more information by contacting Minnesota Life/Securian Life by calling 1-866-365-2374.

Portability and Conversion Information

Take advantage of your LifeStyle Benefits

The following programs and resources are available to all employees insured under the Minnesota
Life/Securian Financial group life insurance program, their spouses and dependent children. No additional premium or
enrollment is required. Just access these resources as you need them.

  • Legal Services –  Legal, financial and grief resources are available through LifeWorks US, Inc.  To access, use the user name: lfg and password: resources, or call 1-877-849-6034.
  • Legacy Planning Services – Active covered employees, spouses and dependents can access
    resources designed to help individuals and families work through end-of-life issues when dealing with
    the loss of a loved one or planning for their own passing. 
  • Beneficiary Financial Counseling – Beneficiaries who receive at least $25,000 in policy benefits
    may choose to use independent beneficiary counseling services from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
  • Travel Assistance Services (For Personal Travel & Domestic Work Travel) - Redpoint provides travel assistance services to all active U.S. employees covered under the group life insurance program and their spouses and dependents.  The services are available 24/7/365 for emergency assistance and transport services when traveling 100 or more miles away from home.  Visit the Redpoint website or call 1-855-516-5433 in the U.S. and Canada.  From other locations, you can call collect to +1-415-484-4677.  

The Bowling Green State University Long-Term Disability plan is administered by UNUM.



Long-Term Disability

This benefit is designed to provide a portion of your income when an extended injury or illness has occurred and prevents you from working. The amount of benefit you receive is based on your salary earned before your disability began.

The program has a waiting period of one year of continuous active employment. The elimination period defines the time prior to when benefits begins and is the later of

  • 180 days or
  • the date your accumulated sick leave payments end if applicable.

If you did not elect this option during the last Open Enrollment or upon hire, you can do so during the annual Open Enrollment period. However, in order to be considered by Unum, you will need to submit evidence of insurability.  This form must be completed online and submitted directly to UNUM by the Open Enrollment deadline.   

Full-Time Faculty and Administrative Staff:

Full-Time bargaining unit faculty, faculty administrators and administrative staff are provided this benefit. The benefit is 60% of your monthly salary, not to exceed $3,000 a month.

Full-Time Classified Staff:

Full-Time classified staff may purchase this benefit. The benefit is 60% of your monthly salary, not to exceed $5,000 a month.

Bowling Green State University provides Business Travel Accident coverage for all active full-time and part-time employees. This policy provides eligible employees with accident coverage while traveling on Bowling Green State University business away from your regular place of employment for a period of less than 365 days. Some exclusions do apply.

Covered employees have the right to designate a beneficiary.  Beneficiaries must be in writing, on file with Bowling Green State University Human Resources and will be provided to the insurance company at the time of claim.  A beneficiary designation may be changed at any time. If no beneficiary is designated, the beneficiary designation on file for the group life insurance policy of those eligible employees will be followed. In the absence of other designation, the benefits will be paid according to the order determined by the Business Travel Accident coverage.

This summary of information does not take the place of or altar any of the conditions, exclusions, and other terms of the insurance policy herein summarized.  It is merely a short descriptive guide to the policies in force for a reference. The official policy plan document will be followed at the time of claim.

For beneficiary designation, please complete the Business Travel Accident Beneficiary Designation Form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources.

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