Tuition Fee Waivers

Bowling Green State University offers fee waivers for employees, spouses and dependent children.  For additional eligibility and other information, please review the following links.

For questions or assistance regarding the fee waiver process and submission, please contact Trish Channels in the Office of Human Resources at 419-372-8421.

Administrative, Classified Staff and Faculty Administrators Fee Waiver Policy

Administrative, Classified and Faculty Fee Waiver Policy    

Dependent Fee Waiver Policy for Full-Time Administrative, Classified and Faculty Administrators

Dependent Fee Waiver Policy

Full-Time Faculty

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Please see Appendix VII - Fee Waiver Policy (referenced in Article 19)

How to Apply for Employee and Dependent Fee Waivers

Dependent Fee Waiver Instructions  

Employee Fee Waiver Instructions  

Please note:

The excess of graduate level classes taken by an employee where the benefit exceeds $5,250.00 in a calendar year are taxable for the employee. Graduate level classes taken by eligible dependents are fully taxable to the employee.

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