Previous BGLA Cohorts

2021-2022 BGLA Cohort

Congratulations to the BGSU staff and faculty members who were part of the 2021-2022 BGLA cohort.

2021-2022 BGLA Cohort Presentations & Participants

EASE (Exploring All Staff Engagement through on-campus opportunities)

  • Jamie Baringer, Director of Slater Family Ice Arena
  • Emily Greer, Academic Advisor, College Credit Plus

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Nest Builders (Creating a culture of support and belonging from the very beginning of employment, through the BGLA created Falcon Flight Plan)

  • Meredith Errington, Student Support Supervisor, ITS
  • Meghan Horn, Assistant Director for Student-Athlete Services
  • Oriana Rife, Communications Strategist, Marketing & Brand Strategy

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OIM (Online Inclusion Movement- Creating virtual pathways to success through online engagement)

  • Dr. Carrie Hamady, Professor, Public & Allied Health
  • Amy Hamman, Service Desk Manager, ITS
  • Kelsey Hammond, Academic and Career Counselor, Firelands
  • Jennifer Walker, Student Services Counselor – Admissions, Firelands

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2020-2021 BGLA Cohort

Congratulations to the BGSU staff and faculty members who were part of the 2020-2021 BGLA cohort.

2020-2021 BGLA Cohort Presentations & Participants

CASE-O (Campus Sustainability and Environmental Outreach)

  • Teresa Mayo, Senior Zone Building Supervisor, Campus Services
  • Benjamin Payne, Asset Management Supervisor, ITS
  • Alex Pilcher, Applications Developer, ITS
  • Dustin Sabo, Associate Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions

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DeBoRaH (Diversity & Belonging Resource Hub)

  • Morgan Cranston, IT Content and Knowledge Strategist, ITS
  • Clinton LaForest, Applications Developer, ITS

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E.W.P. (Employee Wellness Platform)

  • Erica Bruielly, Senior Student Service Counselor, Registrar
  • Mariana Mereoiu, Associate Professor of Counseling and Special Education

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Transfer Transition Team

  • Jamie Daughton, Director of Registration and Scheduling, Registrar
  • Liz Jennings, Student Services Counselor, Financial Aid
  • Kristin Payne, Coordinator or Thompson Scholarship Programs, Student Success and Life Design
  • Sharyl Wahl, Firelands Administrative Assistance

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2019 BGLA Cohort

Congratulations to the BGSU staff and faculty members who were part of the 2019 BGLA cohort. 

In the 2019 BGLA cohort were (front row, left to right) Leslie Fern (Planning Committee), Sue Tomor, Betsy Winters, Angela Pezzi, Beth Ash and Lisa Dubose (Planning Committee); back row: Debbie Carden, Angela Shank, Jerry Schnepp, Laura Barned, Annie DeTray, Andy Lynch, Allison Brandeberry, Bob Gangwer, Kyle Butler, Miguel Garza, Jeremy Joseph, Chris Schommer, Angelo Singleton, Paul Morris and Becky Cogswell. (Not pictured: Jenna Pollock)

The 2019 cohort worked diligently to develop projects supporting BGSU’s strategic plan. Below is a brief overview of each group’s project. To view the entire presentation click on the link to the full length video. 

2019 BGLA Presentations

Effect - Enabling Falcon Faculty with Effective Classroom Technology

Develop a plan to better prepare instructors in the use of educational technology, strengthening their expertise and confidence and thereby enhancing their teaching skills. Provide ongoing support for them to identify and use the most appropriate tools for effective teaching.



EFFECT presentation pdf

 iACT - Ideas for Affording College Tuition

Propose tuition affordability by using College Credit Plus program for high school students and keeping students on track to graduate in four years. Overarching theme: “in and out in 4 years.”



iACT presentation

Link - Learners Interpreting New Knowledge

Propose steps to strengthen BGSU Firelands post-traditional students' connection to the Bowling Green campus and provide better access to support services to meet their specific challenges, such as family and job obligations and demands on their time and finances. Suggest resources to be available at Firelands for these students.



LINK pdf

BG EcoTeam!

To better educate students, faculty and staff on cross-contamination issues and Do’s and Don’ts of recycling, and provide the University with recommendations for the future of recycling at BGSU



EcoTeam pdf

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