All BGSU faculty and staff and required to complete annual compliance trainings. The training courses are now available and must be completed by Nov. 18, 2022.

Complete compliance trainings online

As a reminder, all acts of sexual violence are forms of sex discrimination and prohibited by Title IX, and as a federally funded university, BGSU must ensure that no students are denied or limited in their ability to participate in or benefit from educational programs or activities based on sex. Furthermore, the Campus SaVE (Sexual Violence Elimination) Act and Title IX require "colleges and universities to provide programming for students and employees addressing the issues of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking." It is critical that all faculty, staff and students understand their roles and responsibilities as they relate to these federal laws.

Two (2) of the three (3) courses below are required by the Office of Human Resources and are not able to be replaced or substituted by any other training offerings on campus.

This annually required training will include the following:

Faculty & Staff (All Employees-Excluding Supervisors)

  • Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together - Will provide an overview of the law on harassment, preventing retaliation for managers and preventing unlawful discrimination. This will help you recognize and prevent unlawful harassment and retaliation as they occur in educational settings. You will have multiple opportunities to check your mastery of key concepts.

Faculty, Staff & Supervisors (All Employees)

  • Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together - Explores the Campus SaVE Act, which is a federal law affecting students and professionals working for a college or university. You will learn how to recognize and prevent incidents of sexual violence and receive a compliance resource guide. All faculty and staff, whether in a supervisory role or not, are required to complete this version of the training.

Supervisors Only

  • Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together - If you are a supervisor, please take this course instead of the faculty and staff version.

Timeline and Instructions for Completion of Training

The training courses are now available and must be completed by Nov. 18, 2022. HR will send two reminder notices; however, please take the time to mark your calendars to ensure timely completion of the courses. Department leaders will receive a report of the employees who have not completed the required courses by the Nov. 18 deadline.

Accessing the Training Sessions

Access the training online, preferably in the Google Chrome browser. Your login information is your single sign-on information with your BGSU email password.

Please scroll to the column that says REQUIRED and find the required Mosaic courses. Upon completion of the courses, you may access your certificate within your learning profile on Bridge and print the certificate. You do not need to send the certificate of completion back to the Office of Human Resources as it will be digitally visible on the administrator’s end.

For additional technical support, please contact Suzi Saunders-O’Herron at or Dr. Lisa E. Dubose at

Updated: 10/18/2022 11:12AM