Financial Wellness

Bowling Green State University supports our community by coordinating and enhancing systems and programs that focus on mental and physical health, accessibility and wellness. An important aspect of overall well-being is financial wellness.

In an effort to better support our employees, the University provides several financial wellness resources to meet diverse needs. These include services provided within our Employee Assistance Program as well as the CAPTRUST Financial Wellness and Advice program, the PNC Bank Financial Wellness Achievement Center, and PNC WorkPlace Banking products and services. Please take some time to read the descriptions below to see how these programs might benefit you and your family.

CAPTRUST Financial Wellness and Advice - Personalized, objective financial guidance is at your fingertips.

CAPTRUST is an independent investment advisory firm that provides investment advice to Bowling Green State University's retirement plan committee and plan participants. Employees who need help navigating their retirement benefits and other financial priorities (e.g. budgeting, debt, credit, college savings) can rely on CAPTRUST's participant advice program.  CAPTRUST is available to help you plan, save, invest and retire comfortably. Their services can assist you with selecting a retirement plan, budget toward financial goals, manage accumulated debt and make sure you stay on track.

CAPTRUST is available to provide you with access to professional, unbiased advice. This program has been made available to employees by the University as part of the benefit package and can provide employees with a custom planning tool tailored to their individual needs. This service is provided at no cost to employees.

To take advantage of the available CAPTRUST services, call 800-967-9948 or visit the CAPTRUST website.

With PNC Financial Wellness - You are the focus of your financial wellness plan.

PNC and your employer recognize that financial wellness planning is different
for everyone. The PNC Financial Wellness Achievement CenterSM is a personalized tool to help you meet the unique goals of every financial stage of your life.

The PNC Financial Wellness Achievement Center is a customized online learning experience offered at no cost to employees of BGSU, available to you when and where you want it. You have the opportunity to learn more about the areas that mean the most to you through how-to videos, engaging articles, worksheets and calculators.

To access the PNC Financial Wellness Achievement Center, login to MyBGSU and click on the link in the Benefits Section on the left-hand side.  The access code required for initial access is located just below the link as well.

Begin by clicking the Site Tour to watch the short video introducing you to the many features of the PNC Financial Wellness Achievement Center.

Next, select Create Account and fill in the required information.  A verification email will be sent to the email address provided during account creation and must be verified within 3 hours of its receipt.  When your email has been verified you can log in with the username and password you have chosen.

The PNC Financial Wellness Achievement Center will provide you with a customized approach to help you improve your financial wellness and meet unique goals for every stage of your life by personalizing your learning, when and where you want it. 

Log in through the MyBGSU portal and get started now!

To setup a one-on-one appointment for personalized assistance contact:

Christine M. Fischer
phone:    419-259-6501

Theresa Osborne
phone:    216-222-2022

PNC WorkPlace Banking offers employees access to various products and money management tools, rewards for eligible products and services, and the assistance of PNC financial consultants to help guide them on their financial journey. Onsite and virtual banking options range from one-on-one conversations with a PNC specialist to direct deposit set up to financial education workshops.

Reach out to PNC for further details.


Updated: 05/20/2024 10:03AM