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Support for Canvas is being provided by the Technology Support Center (TSC). You may direct your Canvas related inquires to the TSC.

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At BGSU, students are assigned an academic advisor from day one, and we strive to provide every opportunity possible for students to not only meet with an advisor, but to develop an important and on-going partnership designed to lead toward the important outcome of student success.

We aspire to create a culture of advising excellence for our students, marked by ongoing professional development and collegiality among advisors across campus.

Academic Advising

Congress passed the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), also known as the Buckley Amendment, on August 21, 1974 to protect the privacy of student education records.  Within the context of higher education, FERPA provides students the right to review these records and prohibits unauthorized dissemination of educational information by the institution or its employees.  BGSU, like most institutions of higher education, falls under FERPA regulations and is obligated to develop policies for the protection and restricted dissemination of records related to each student’s education.

FERPA Policy

The course syllabus plays a key role in communicating to the student a faculty member's expectation of the student as well as what the student can expect of their faculty. There are many different ways to organize and present course syllabi depending on the faculty, discipline, course level, etc. However, there are several common expectations for course syllabi at BGSU: a clear statement on course expectations, the schedule and methods of assessment, indicators of support for student success, and pedagogical efforts that engage students in the learning process. 

Common Expectations for Course Syllabi

You can access textbook information for you class through Canvas on “MY BGSU”. There’s a link under “Employee” on the top link bar. Email textbooks@bgsu.edu with questions.

Examination copies of textbook can be ordered by your Department Administrative Assistant through the publisher. These are normally at no cost as long as the book has been adopted for a specific semester.

Academic programs in the College of Health and Human Services provide students the knowledge and experience necessary to make a difference in enhancing people’s well-being and quality of life. Each of the programs meets or exceeds the standards set for the health and human services disciplines, including national accreditations for nursing, medical laboratory science, public health, social work and speech-language pathology.


BGSU offers two types of academic progress reporting. The first type is the Early Alert initiative, which takes place after the first few weeks of the semester and helps keep your academics on track. The second type of reporting is your midterm grades, which help you assess where you stand halfway into the semester.

“BGSU’s general education program, BG Perspective: 21st Century Liberal Studies, was created with the intention to provide students with a coherent combination of courses in which active learning strategies are the norm and in which pedagogies are guided, in part, by regular, formal assessment of general education learning outcomes, thereby preparing students with a solid foundation for moving into their upper-level courses."

“General education assessment data is collected each term. The results will be routinely shared with faculty and the larger BGSU community.”

More Information

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) was established in 2004 to increase the visibility, prestige, and material support for participation in undergraduate research and creative activities, both for students and faculty.

More Information

PILLARS is a grant program created by Linda Petrosino, Dean Emeritus of the College of Health and Human Services, designed to provide financial support to College of Health and Human Services students. The grants are funded by annual financial contributions from alumni and friends of the College of Health and Human Services.  The fund was renamed the Linda Petrosino Pillars Fund in 2012 upon her retirement.


Students from over 71 different countries are currently calling BGSU home as they pursue bachelors and masters degrees.  BGSU, a tier-one institution ranked among the best 100 public schools in the U.S. by the U.S. World and News Report, also has over 40 study abroad programs.  BGSU's commitment to international education makes it a perfect choice for students interested in broadening their horizons.  

Demographic Facts

We are proud to welcome United States veterans, active members of the Armed Forces and their family members to BGSU. You’ve made an incredible contribution to our country. It’s our turn to help you make the transition to new goals and a new civilian career. At BGSU, we believe a university education is always in reach. We offer high-quality, accredited online learning opportunities that enable active service members to take their careers to the next level. Anytime. Anywhere.

Military and Veterans

The H-1B visa is issued to foreign employees with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) and only in certain areas of employment such as specialty occupations, DOD Cooperative Research and Fashion Models. This visa status is sponsored by the employer.  There is a visa limit each year so work with your employer to file properly and in a timely manner. 

Employment visas are often complicated.  We cannot endorse a specific expert to assist you in this process. We recommend that you use a search engine to help find the right H-1B specialist for you. 

H-1B Work Authorization

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