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This  document takes you through the process as a faculty member or Administrative employee who is submitting a timesheet with vacation time to report, for a specified time period. The process begins at the BGSU home page.

Time Reporting

Schedule of pay dates for bi-weekly pay.

Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

Bowling Green State University provides a comprehensive benefit program for you and your family as a part of your total compensation package. These plans are reviewed annually to maintain competitiveness while being cost effective.

Benefit Details

Bowling Green State University supports the efforts of all employees to plan a fulfilling secure retirement.  As part of the benefits package and total rewards, the university offers several options to assist you with meeting your financial goals.

Retirement program eligibility is based on your employment type.  The two state-mandated retirement programs are the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) and the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS).  In addition, we also provide Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) options.

Retirement Information

The BG1 Card is the official identification card for BGSU students, faculty and staff.  Your BG1 Card is more than just an ID card. It provides access to meal plans, events, and campus facilities. Also, if you are a PNC Bank customer, it can be linked to your bank account to serve as an ATM card. Lastly by adding funds to your BG1 Bucks account, your card can then be used for printing, on-campus vending, and at multiple off campus locations.
BG-1 Card

These can be purchased on your “MY BGSU” – Employees (top) – Left side bar – Manage Parking Permits.  You can have 2 cars on your permits.  You can only have 1 car on campus at a time.

Permits and Registration

All keys must be picked up and returned and signed out by the person responsible for the keys.

More Information

This is a list of generalphone numbers to each building on campus.

Address Directory

Maintenance requests can be done by any faculty/staff member at the University. Some examples:  Office is too hot/cold, Classroom items missing, clean up needed for a spill etc.    

Campus Operation

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