Women's Studies Minor

A minor in Women’s Studies is a perfect complement to a variety of majors!  For example, if you’re a Nursing major and interested in working at an OB/GYN clinic, a Women’s Studies minor would help you prepare for your career working with women on women’s issues!  Doing a degree in Political Science because you want to be a lawyer for victims of domestic violence? The minor in Women’s Studies can help you learn about interpersonal violence and gender.   The Women’s Studies minor can help customize your undergraduate experience, preparing you for a career working on issues of diversity and social/political difference.

Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in Women’s Studies, you must complete 21 credit hours, including:

  • WS 2000: Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • One course that focuses on gender and race/ethnicity in a local or global context (e.g., WS 3050, WS 3130, WS 3440 ) selected in consultation with the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
  • 5 additional courses (15 hours) on women and/or gender that are selected in consultation with the program advisor; at least one of which must be at the 4000 level.

Sexuality Studies Minor

Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that critically explores sexuality as a culturally and historically specific construct, a form of human expression, and a social identity that impacts our understandings of citizenship, politics, and humanity.  Learn how sex and sexuality function in your own lives and in diverse populations. Courses in the minor cover topics as diverse as sexual identity, relationships, representations of sexuality, sexual well being and behavior.   The minor emphasizes a cross-cultural and intersectional understanding of sexuality with a particular emphasis on gender, race, class, age, and disability. You will also become familiar with the ways in which sex and sexuality are addressed in various disciplines and in social justice movements for sexual minorities.

Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in Sexuality Studies, you must complete 21 credit hours, including:

  • Women’s Studies 2610: Introduction to LGBT Studies (3 credits)
  • Eighteen additional credit hours focusing on Sexuality Studies.  Courses can be chosen from the list of approved Sexuality Studies courses below or with the approval of the Women’s Studies undergraduate coordinator.

Approved Sexuality Studies courses:

  • WS 4550/ETHN 4550: Latina/o Gender and Sexuality(3)
  • WS 3610: History of Queer Activism (3)
  • WS 4450: Women’s Sexualities (3)
  • WS 3510:  Topics in Sexuality Studies (1-4) +
  • ENG 3110: Gay and Lesbian Literature and Criticism (3)
  • HDFS 2020: Contemporary Marriages and Families (3)
  • HDFS 2080: Family Diversity (3)
  • HDFS 4280: Sexuality in Human Development & Family Studies (3) OR HP 3380: Concepts of Human Sexuality (3)
  • MEDT 3800: AIDS Education in the Schools (2)
  • PSYCH 3070: Human Sexuality (3)
  • SOC 3610: The Family (3)

+ This course can be repeated if offered under different Sexuality Studies topics.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Courses that are used to satisfy requirements for a major cannot also be used to satisfy requirements for the Sexuality Studies minor.

Declaring the Minor

Students should declare the minor in their College office.  So, if you’re pursing a degree in Early Childhood Education, you would declare the minor in the College of Education and Human Development.  If you’re doing a major in Business, you would declare the minor in the College of Business Administration.  If you have questions or need help figuring out how to declare the minor, please contact the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator.