Seminar Series in Photochemical Sciences

All seminars are held in Overman Hall 123 at 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Fall Seminar 2014

October 15, 2014
Samuel Thomas-Tufts University

October 22, 2014
Jason Benedict- University of Buffalo

October 29, 2014
Jon Sprague-Ohio AG Center for Future of Forensic Science, BGSU

November 5, 2014
Katherine Franz-Duke University

November 21, 2014
Cassandra Fraser - University of Virginia

December 3, 2014
Ivan Aprahamian-Dartmouth

December 10, 2014
Stephen Maldonado-University of Michigan


Fall Semester 2013

September 4, 2013
Makoto Fujita - University of Tokyo
Crystallography without Crystals

September 13, 2013
Michito Yoshizawa - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Functional Supramolecular Capsules with Anthracene Shells

Luigi Fabbrizzi - Universita di Pavia
Caged Anions (Living in a Cage is a Restricted Privilege)

September 18, 2013
Dennis Stuehr - Cleveland Clinic
How do enzymes make nitric oxide, a moleculre used in biology and medicine?

October 2, 2013
Brian Crane - Cornell University
Structure and Mechanism of Circadian Clock Light Sensors

October 9, 2013
Steven Loeb - University of Windsor

Organizing Mechanically Interlocked Molecules to Function Inside Metal-Organic Frameworks

October 16, 2013
Carlos Crespo - Case Western University
DNA Under Attack: How UV Radiation Affects the Integrity of DNA

October 30, 2013
Adam Matzger - University of Michigan
From better health to improved lethality: Controlling crystalization of pharmaceuticals and explosives.

November 6, 2013
Lei Zhu - Florida State University
FRET-Based Indicators for Zinc Ions

November 20, 2013
Farida Selim - Bowling Green State University
Novel Luminescence Spectroscopic Techniques and Applications

November 27, 2013
Thanksgiving Break - No seminar

December 4, 2013
Ramakrishna Guda - Western Michigan University
Electron-phonon Interactions in Atomically Mono-dispersed Quantum-sized Gold Clusters

Spring Seminar 2015

January 30, 2015

February 11, 2015
Hedi Mattoussi-Florida State University

February 18, 2015
Christian Wolf- Georgetown University

February 25, 2015
Tara Meyer-Univeristy of Pittsburgh

March 18, 2015
Christopher Bardeen - University of California, Riverside

April 1, 2015
Patrick El-Khoury- Pacific Northwest National Lab

April 22, 2015
David Giovannucci- University of Toledo

FRIDAY May 1, 2015
Jeremiah Hanes-Pacific Biosciences

Spring Semester 2014

January 15, 2014
Claudio Verani - Wayne State University
To be announced

January 22, 2014

January 29, 2014
Andrei Federov - Pacific Biosciences
Photophysical and Photochemical Challenges of Single Molecule, Real-Time DNA Sequencing

February 12, 2014
Suljo Linic - University of Michigan
Conversion of solar into chemical energy on plasmonic metal nanostructures

February 14, 2014
Steve Bradforth - University of Southern California
Solvent role on surface hopping and mode-specific energy dissipation: connecting ultrafast reaction dynamics in the gas and liquid phase.

March 5, 2014

John Rogers - University of Illinois
Materials for Biodegradable Electronics

March 12, 2014
Spring break - No seminar

March 19, 2014
Nicola Brasch - Kent State University
Cobalamins and Oxidative Stress: Exploring a New, Novel Role for Vitamin B12

March 26, 2014
Eric Masson - Ohio University
Reactions and conformational changes in and around Cucurbiturils

April 2, 2014
Jim Imlay - University of Illinois
Molecular explanations for the toxicity of oxygen

April 4, 2014
Clemens Burda - Case Western University
Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy and Applications of Heterostructured Nanomaterials

April 9, 2014
Marcus Jones - University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Plasmonic enhancement of multi-exciton emission in colloidal quantum dots

April 16, 2014
Ken Merz - Michigan State University
Free Energies from a Molecular Printing Press

April 30, 2014
Marco Bonizzoni - University of Alabama
Polyelectrolytes as supramolecular hosts in water