Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours from an approved list of core and elective courses. The core courses are designed to introduce students to the social sciences and humanities, and to provide them with a global outlook of the world and Asia. The elective courses provide students with in-depth knowledge of Asia, and analytical and practical skills of selected disciplines, such as history, business and political science. In addition, Asian Studies majors must complete two years of Japanese or Chinese.

Asian Studies Curriculum Guide

Asian Studies Catalog 

MAJOR, Bachelor of Arts (36 hours) — minor required

The Asian studies program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum of studies on Asia. Students complete a minimum of 36 credit hours from the list of the core courses and the elective courses. Alternative courses may be approved by the program advisor. Students must fulfill the foreign language requirement by demonstrating proficiency in an Asian language at intermediate high level, or completing JAPN 2020, CHIN 2020 or equivalent level course in another Asian language. This may also be done by completing intensive Asian language and culture courses through student exchange programs in Asia. The students who wish to enter non-teaching careers are encouraged to develop a second major or minor in history, political science, economics, geography, etc. Dual degrees can also be pursued in the areas of comparative education, ethnomusicology, international business, etc.

Asian Studies Checksheet 


MINOR in Asian Studies (21 hours)

21 hours selected from the core and elective courses in consultation with the Asian studies advisor. No Asian language required.