Arts Village

Dance - Art - Theatre - Film - Music - Creative Writing

Open to students of any major, the Arts Village is a residential learning community that involves exploring all aspects of the arts and sharing views with one another and facutly of various disciplines. The community keeps the creative spirit alive and well on a daily basis with on-site classes specifically geared to art students, as well as collaborative projects, activities, and social events.

  • PEOPLE: A community of interdisciplinary artists, scholars, professors, students, and other dedicated individuals who value the arts.
  • PLACE: A studio and lounge space, located in Kreischer Quadrangle, is open exclusively to Arts Village students 24/7. Arts Village students live together in Kreischer Compton Hall.
  • CLASSES: Electives in a variety of disciplines are offered in Kreischer for AV students. All students enroll in RESC 2000A, a community-based field experiences course.
  • MENTORING: Students have the opportunity to work intimately with knowledgeable staff, student leaders, and upperclassmen to create a network of artists.
  • PROGRAMMING: Students visit galleries, and attend concerts, theatrical and dance productions, and readings as part of our many extra and co-curricular programming. Programming specific to the Arts Village is available most nights in or around the hall.
  • TRIPS: We offer study trips, often for course credit, to explore various cultures through an artistic lens.