Student Co-op Requirements

Students in the College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering are required to complete one to three credit bearing co-op courses, depending on their major.

  • Co-op job duties must be related to the students major.
  • Students must work full time 40 hours per week for one semester or part-time 20 hours per week for two consecutive semesters for each co-op course required.
  • Student must be supervised by an employer/mentor and work at a professional location where business is conducted, however remote work is allowed if approved by their co-op employer and the co-op office.
  • The student receives compensation for their employment as set forth by the United States Department of Labor.
  • Co-op employment cannot be self-employed.

E-Campus Students in Management and Technology and Quality Systems follow a different protocol for their co-op requirement and should consult with their faculty advisor. 

How To Register Your Co-op

Complete the Co-op Orientation in Canvas prior to registering your first co-op course. You need to do this once, and can review as many times as needed. Module-4 describes what to expect while registered for a co-op.

Co-op registration requires approval. When you have a co-op offer you must complete and submit a Co-op Registration Application. You cannot self-enroll in a co-op course. Submitting your Co-op Registration Application prompts a two step approval process. Upon approval the co-op office will register you for your co-op.  Retroactive credit for a co-op that was not registered cannot be granted. Email: to schedule a meeting.

Summer 2024 Co-op Registration Application

(Summer 2024 Co-op Dates: May 13 - August 2, 2024)

*Completing rotating co-ops in multiple semesters to experience the cycliical nature of industry is most beneficial. Students are encouraged to alternate semesters in classes with semesters at a co-op when possible. Co-op experiences can be completed during fall, spring or summer semesters.  

Bowling Green State University is committed to a culture of inclusion and respect and the Cooperative Education Office embraces this commitment.

The Cooperative Education Office in the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering is dedicated to breaking down barriers and equitably and empathetically assisting every student in attaining a cooperative education experience.  

To promote and nurture diversity and inclusion the Bowling Green State University Division of Diversity and Belonging provides support, information and resources to students.   

Accessibility Services provides support for students with disabilities and Ohio College2Careers offers co-op and career development support for students with disabilities.  Christi Parker, Ohio College2Careers Counselor at BGSU can be reached at OR 419-309-0228.

Students who are enrolled in a fulltime cooperative education experience have access to BGSU resources and support.  Additionally, the federal government protects employees (including students) through various laws and policies including, but not limited to OSHAct , EEOC  and FLSA.

The Co-op Office does not sanction unpaid co-ops/internships. Unpaid co-ops/internships further disadvantage marginalized students therefore, the co-op office advocates that all students are compensated for the skills, talents and contributions they offer.  

"I think the College of Technology co-op has done a great job.  I love the fact that they make co-op experiences mandatory and feel the resources they have available make it easy for students to find positions to complete their co-ops." 

– Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology student

"My co-op clarified my area of study by allowing me to experience what it’s like to be in a design office and see what kind of career goals I can set for myself.  My co-op has improved post-graduation job opportunities as I’ve already been offered a position upon graduation." 

– Architecture student

“Through my co-op, I have learned true life values and developed a strong belief in helping others through the work I have completed.  This co-op has changed my personal life for the better.” 

– Visual Communication Technology student

"I have learned an extensive amount by working at my co-op, something that could never be portrayed in the classroom. The job experience and the coursework go hand in hand, however the co-op experience is very important. It’s important to work in the field before you graduate so you know what it’s going to be like." 

– Aviation student

“My co-op experiences have been so beneficial to my education by providing me with the opportunity to take what I’ve learned in the classroom and apply it in the field.”  

– Construction Management student

“By experiencing the class work in a real life job environment, it helps the student understand the benefits of each class. This also helps students take classes more seriously by realizing if they learn the material in class, they will have a head start apply that knowledge to the job field.  I think my co-op enhances the classroom material because you are learning it from a different person besides your instructor.” 

– Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology student

“co-op's are one of the most beneficial experiences a student can do while earning their degree. There is definitely a difference between learning skills in a class room, and being in the real world, experiencing the industry.  This co-op has definitely given me a link into the professional market.” 

– Visual Communication Technology student

“I feel my co-ops helped me to see what a job with a company would be like. I used the skills learned in the classroom and applied that knowledge in order to perform well at my co-op, landing me a job at graduation.  I felt Bowling Green State University prepared me well for the correct concepts and practical knowledge to be successful.”

– Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology student

"My experience so far has been incredible!!  I have not only had an amazing internship experience, but also a life changing cultural experience as well!  I have not felt home sick once since I have been here!  Everyone I meet treats me like family."

-Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Student

Updated: 02/05/2024 04:00PM