Visual Communication Technology offers a complete print media program. All students in the VCT major complete courses that provide an introduction to the print media and printing processes, including offset, digital and screen print workflows, design, Packaging & Display, and color theory. Students who choose to specialize in this area may enroll in additional courses in display and exhibit technology, electronic image preparation, graphic image transfer, and digital color applications. Students who choose the print media specialization may also pursue a minor in the Schmidthorst College of Business Administration. 


  • Print Operations Supervisor
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Printing Buyer
  • Media Coordinator
  • Print Production Specialist
  • Digital Print Operator
  • Print Manager
  • Print Sales Representative
  • Image Editor/Color Retoucher
  • Printing Estimator
  • Structural/Design Packaging Specialist

Student Work

Principles & Elements of Design

Lancaster Brochure

Boutwell Brochure

Packaging & Display

Print Production

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