Laboratory Facilities

Program facilities feature a state-of-the-art packaging and display lab, photo and video studios, interactive media labs, AR/VR lab, and a large media collaboration space.

Visual Communication Technology Laboratories

Display and Packaging Laboratory


  • Gerber Cutting Table
  • EFI Vutek QS2000 Flat bed Ink jet Printer
  • Esko ArtiosCAD Software
Jodi Fall students1
Interactive Media, Video and AR/VR Laboratory


  • 30 Dual Boot Machintosh Work Stations
  • 3 HTC Vive Pro Stations
  • 2 Samsung 9 Phones
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Blender
  • VR: Google Blocks, Tilt Brush, Unity
Photography Studio


  • Westcott Light Modifiers, Reflectors and Continues Lights
  • Paul C. Buff strobe lighting equipment
  • Variety of backgrounds, table top surfaces and props for portraits and product photography

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