Teaching with Primary Sources Learning Community

The University Libraries is happy to announce a Teaching with Primary Sources learning community.  Throughout the semester we will be hosting six sessions discussing primary sources and best practices for using them in the classroom. Participants will work toward the development of a lesson plan or assignment for use in future teaching. The sessions will be most useful for instructors teaching courses in the arts and humanities.

The dates for the Spring 2024 learning community are: Jan. 24, Feb. 7 and 21, Mar. 13 and 20, and Apr. 3.  Sessions will be held in the CollabLab in Jerome Library from 2:00-3:30 pm.

At the end of these sessions, participants will:

  • Identify repositories and collections at BGSU that are relevant to their teaching and research. 
  • How to identify alternate sources that serve the same purpose/learning outcomes
  • Learn techniques for teaching with primary sources through discussions with colleagues, learn about ACRL Framework for Information Literacy, information literacy readings and discussion, and searches within their own disciplines.  
  • Engage in peer-to-peer review/practice/evaluation of proposed TPS practices
  • Establish a network of peers on the campus who are engaged in TPS practices 
  • In collaboration with BGSU library faculty, do at least one of the following: 
  • Create a lesson plan that incorporates the use of at least one primary source collection OR 
  • Create an assignment that incorporates the use of at least one primary source collection 

Participants who successfully complete all six sessions will be eligible for a $300 stipend (taxable) or professional development funds. Submit your application by Jan. 12, 2024 to be considered. 

This opportunity is the result of research completed last spring by Special Collections. The full summary findings are available here: Supporting Primary Source Instruction in the Undergraduate Classroom at Bowling Green State University: Summary Findings

Any questions, contact Stefanie Hunker (sdennis@bgsu.edu).

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