Student Employment Safety & Security

Student Employee Safety and Security Procedures

At the University Libraries, we believe the safety and security of student employees and library users is of paramount importance. Bring any type of emergency situation to the attention of your supervisor first. The purpose of the following safety procedures is to better enable you to assist your department in an emergency.

Fire Emergency

•     Activate nearest fire alarm pull station.

•     Call 911 and give any information you have available.

•     Ask permission of any handicapped person on your floor to escort them to nearest stairwell. Emergency personnel will escort disabled
       individuals down the stairs.

•     If smoke or other obvious signs of fire are present, do nothing except exit the building immediately. If time and circumstances       permit, the area designee will check restrooms and remote office areas for individuals.

•     Leave building by nearest exit, closing any door passed through - especially stairwell doors. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.

•     Assemble inside Anderson Area lobby (Jerome Library employees).

•     Each area designee will take a head count of their staff. Determine who among staff working at the time of emergency evacuation is        not present at evacuation site.

•     Each area designee will inform emergency personnel regarding any of their staff not present and any handicapped persons left in           stairwells.

•     Await permission by emergency personnel to re-enter the building.

Bomb Threat

If a bomb threat is called in on your phone:

•     Remain calm.

•     Try to get as many details about the bomb as you can, such as location, size, time scheduled to go off.

•     Listen for voice or speech peculiarities, background noises.

•     Record time of call.

•     Do not disconnect caller. Lay receiver down.

•     Notify your supervisor.

•     Call Public Safety (2-2346) from another phone. Do not use the same line the call came in on to report the threat. A campus security        officer will make the decision to evacuate the building. Inform them of the details noted in your conversation.

•     If Public Safety decides that evacuation is warranted, your supervisor will make an announcement of evacuation over the PA system.

Medical Emergency


•     Keep victim calm and comfortable.

•     Call 911.

•     Call Public Safety 2-2346.

•     Do not move victim if suspected bone fracture or dislocation.

Tornado Watch/Warning

When notified of a tornado watch, the area supervisor will post a sign stating that the weather conditions in the area make a tornado possible. This sign directs patrons and staff to listen to the radio/TV for further information. No one during this posting has to evacuate to a designated area. The sign is removed as soon as the watch has been cancelled.

If the tornado watch becomes a warning, the sign will be changed to state that a warning is in effect. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been seen nearby. The supervisor will make an announcement over the PA system, telling patrons and staff where the nearest tornado shelter area can be found. No one is to leave this designated area until the warning time has expired. When the warning expires, the library will reopen until its designated closing time.

Severe Weather

The University Severe Weather Policy provides for the safety of students, faculty, and staff during outbreaks of severe weather.  In the event that severe weather could affect safety, health, or access to the University, the President or designee will have the final authority to make the decision to close the University (classes and all non-essential areas on campus).

Abusive Library Users

Any library user who is abusive to either staff or library materials should be brought to the attention of your supervisor immediately. The supervisor will then determine whether or not Public Safety should be called. The University Policy on Violence outlines, in full, the University's commitment to a safe environment, in which acts of violence are not tolerated. The Public Safety Department provides helpful safety resources, including Policies and Procedures for Addressing Sexual Offenses.

Campus Escort Service

Student employees who work evening shifts are strongly encouraged to choose a safe alternative to walking alone after work.  The Department of Public Safety provides a campus escort service for your safety. An announcement of this service is made prior to closing at both the Jerome and Science Libraries. If you are working late, please arrange to use this service by calling 2-8360.

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:16AM