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Our Mission: Writers Helping Writers

The Writing Staff is committed to the success of campus and community writers throughout various stages of their writing projects, with primary emphasis on the development of student writers.

We envision our service as one of writers helping writers. In providing a real audience for writers, we ask writers questions to encourage them to revise their drafts for increased clarity of ideas, logical organization, and overall effectiveness. Rather than serving as a proofreading or editing service, we work with writers to help them learn to edit their own work.

Because we believe ideas have consequences, we work with writers to bring their ideas into focus. We encourage creativity, critical thinking, and communication as a means toward building stronger communities.

We look at writing not only as a static text but also as a process of learning and problem solving in order to create new meaning and greater understanding.

We strive to create a unique space, where writers feel comfortable to discuss and develop their ideas and where they can grow confident in their ability to communicate with diverse readers.

From your first day on campus through graduation, experienced and informed Writing Consultants are happy to talk with you about any writing-related concerns you may have; visit us early and often—at any stage in your writing process.


Updated: 06/27/2023 02:46PM