Online Submission

This service is not available on weekends, holidays, or during University breaks.

Please be aware that submitted drafts are schedule for the next available appointment time. We will do our best to return your draft to you, but during times of high submissions, you may not receive your feedback for 48 hours.

Drafts submitted after 3pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday morning.

Online Submission Form

If you are unable to come to the Learning Commons in person, you can submit a piece of writing for an online consultation.

A writing consultant will read over your work, provide feedback, and send the document back to you within 48 hours. This is different than a virtual session, where you would video chat with a writing consultant.
To schedule a virtual session, please call 419-372-2823.

Please note:

An online session functions in place of an in-person consultation; each session lasts for 50 minutes, like an in-person appointment. Students with essays longer than 6-8 pages are strongly encouraged to schedule an in-person appointment to discuss their writing. Longer essays may call for multiple online appointments, and writers should allow for a 72-hour response time. Additionally, we reserve the right to decline an online consultation in favor of an in-person session if the submission does not lend itself to asynchronous feedback.

Updated: 11/27/2023 08:29AM