Welcome Back Faculty!

Welcome back BGSU faculty! This page is designed to inform you of any significant IT changes that occurred over the summer and also includes information and resources that will help you prepare for a successful 2022-23 academic year.


Important information for instructors teaching in Eppler Center/North classrooms

Due to shipping delays on equipment needed for upgrades for classrooms in Eppler North and Eppler Center, laptop sharing via HDMI is unavailable for the fall 2022 semester. For more information on the use of equipment/equipment controls and options for using your laptop in these classrooms, review your classroom-specific description page at the links below. 


eduroam Network

eduroam is the recommended campus wireless network. You can also access eduroam at hundreds of other eduroam-participating institutions

Access Eduroam

Don't accept Duo authentication attempts you did not initiate!

Hackers are using Two Factor Authentication to gain access to restricted services and information by attempting to log into a protected service using a user's already stolen username and password and then initiating either a phone call or push notification to approve access via Duo. 

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Zoom for Video Conferencing

The Zoom video conferencing application is availble to all active BGSU faculty, staff and students. Access the University’s Zoom Enterprise license with your BGSU email address and password.

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Updating BGSU applications process change

The process for updating most applications now occurs in the background and requires no user intervention. However, there may be times you receive a prompt on your device asking you to confirm or continue an update. This change keeps your software secure and at optimal performance.

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Updated: 08/04/2022 04:31PM