Students in Action

Sensory Research with Dr. Kershaw

Students are actively engaged in student organizations, research with faculty, and in the classroom. Students recently conducted sensory research with Dr. Kershaw. Learn more about research in the food & nutrition labs here


Undergraduate students have many opportunities to participate and present research. In 2019, several graduate and undergraduate students presented at the annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo in Philadelphia. Katie Stechsculte (Berelsman) presented her work "The Effect of Peer Mentoring on Dietetic Students Success" at the new e-Poster session: Innovations in Dietetics Practice or Education. Picture: Katie is being presented an award for her presentation at FNCE by Tammy Randall, Ohio's Delegate Chair. 


Jadin Fields, Dietetics Major (2019) (third from left) was a Diversity Award Winner for her work funded by The Center for Undergraduate Research & Scholarship on parental dietary behaviors related to caring for a child living with autism spectrum disorder. Her faculty mentor for this project was Dr. Kerri Lynn Knippen (second from left).  Check out the story here

Jadin also presented her research at the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics' annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo (Philadelphia, 2019). Congratulations Jadin! Check out a  recent interview of Jadin and Dr. Knippen about this work


Many of our students, past alumni, and faculty attended the Ohio Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, FNCE 2019 Social. 


Several students were active working at FNCE (2019) this year. Pictured (above) are undergraduate students working at the Siggi's Booth, along with Carrie Hamady, Program Director and Christine Haar, Dietetic Internship Director. 

Pictured below are undergraduate students, Alicia Kouba and Anna Loveland working at Kodiak Cakes


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