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About the Coverdell Fellows Program

Founded in 1985 at Teachers College, Columbia University (and formerly known as Fellows/USA), the Coverdell Fellows Program is now a network of partnerships between the Peace Corps and more than 90 universities across the country. Competitively selected Coverdell Fellows undertake service internships in high-need American communities and receive financial aid while working toward their graduate degrees. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers may apply to enroll in a Coverdell Fellowship at participating universities at any time after successfully completing Peace Corps service.

Coverdell Fellowship in the Masters of Food and Nutrition degree program

The Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program (USA) is a graduate fellowship program that offers financial assistance to returned Volunteers who wish to earn, in this case, a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Gerontology (MSIG). Aligning itself as a Peace Corps Fellows program illustrates the Peace Corps’ recognition of the MSIG degree as one that academically builds upon returned volunteers’ practical international experience and provides the opportunity for returned volunteers to fulfill the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, which is to promote American understanding of the world and its people.

An internship with an underserved population in the United States is an integral part of the MSIG program and is required for Fellows.

For more information, see the BGSU Graduate College Coverdell page and the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows of BGSU site for more information about the program and current and former fellows.

Financial Assistance

Coverdell Fellows are eligible for full tuition remission and a 10 hour per week assistantship.

Admission Requirements

There is no separate application for the Coverdell program.  Once admitted to the MSIG program, volunteers must submit their Description of Service (DOS) to certify successful completion of Peace Corps Service.

Application Process

Please apply online through the Graduate College:

Applications are due by end of February. A faculty committee reviews all portfolios, and applicants are notified by late March.

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