Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program

Coming home after Peace Corps is an exciting time. Why let the adventure end there? The Coverdell Peace Corps Programs here at BGSU provides returned Peace Corps Volunteers with the opportunity to enhance the skills and knowledge acquired during service while continuing to help underprivileged communities right here in the United States. We welcome retuned Peace Corps Volunteers to our campus to bring their service home through sixteen graduate degree programs and three graduate certificates designed to build upon their service and to meaningfully apply those skills. Through internships and collaboration in our growing RPCV community, these graduate programs aim to accomplish the third goal of Peace Corps by bringing your unique experiences to parts of the United States where they are needed most.

Since 2008, the Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program here at BGSU has offered financial assistance to RPCVs pursuing a Master’s in International and Cross-cultural Education. In 2012, we extended our Coverdell Programs to include five new programs in Food and Nutrition, Public Administration, Business, American Culture Studies, and Spanish. In 2014, the program was expanded to include a total of 16 graduate degrees (13 masters and 3 doctorates).  

The Peace Corps Fellows experience is unique to each degree program.  As such, this site will offer general information about the Coverdell Fellows programs here at BGSU. For more detailed information pertaining to each program, we invite you to visit the program websites.

For more information please contact:

Web: http://pcf421.wix.com/pcfbgsu
Email: pcf@bgsu.edu
Kaitlin Benner-Kenagy
Peace Corps Fellows Graduate Assistant
Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellow | Peace Corps Azerbaijan, 2012-2013



Bowling Green State University is home to 16 degree programs that are part of our partnership with Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program. All of our degree programs are designed to translate the skills and knowledge that volunteers acquired during their Peace Corps experience into a career. Visit the Browse Programs Page for more information about the graduate programs offered at BGSU.

Specific programs enrolling Peace Corps Fellows include:

In addition, PC Fellows at BGSU also have the opportunity to receive additional credentialing through completing one of three Coverdell approved Graduate Certificates that can be earned concurrently with the graduate degrees:

The application requirements vary by program. To apply as a Peace Corps Fellow you must contact each program for detailed information about their application requirements and fellowships.


BGSU Coverdell Fellows Requirements

All Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have satisfactorily completed their service have lifetime eligibility for Fellows Programs. This means that whether you are just returning home or returned home several years ago, you can take advantage of the PC Fellows benefits.

Satisfactory completion of Peace Corps service means that you have been granted “Close of Service”, “Early Close of Service”/“Interrupted Service” or were medically separated.  Individuals who left their Peace Corps service early without any of these classifications may not apply for a Fellowship.

In addition, all PC Fellows at BGSU must:

  • Be enrolled in at least one of the 16 BGSU Coverdell Graduate Degree Programs
  • Fulfill an internship which services an underserved U.S. community anywhere in the United States or in a U.S. Territory (e.g., Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • Contribute to the Peace Corps' Third Goal by participating in volunteer service opportunities in the Bowling Green or regional community

Available Graduate Assistant Positions for Peace Corps Fellows