Graduate Long-Term Care Specialization

The Gerontology Program is pleased to announce the addition of a long-term care (LTC) specialization for our Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Gerontology (MSIG) program. We are now accepting applications.
Students who complete this specialization are able to sit for the Ohio and federal nursing home administration licensure exams.

The degree curriculum for the MSIG LTC program requires a minimum of 36 semester hours beyond the undergraduate degree, and includes the NAB-required Administrator in Training (AIT/internship) hours.

The degree requirements are such that students could finish the degree in four semesters of full-time study, and the program is configured to allow students to matriculate as part-time students over a period of two years. Although most students will be able to complete the required coursework within one and a half to two years, the AIT may extend the time required to obtain the degree. The MSIG LTC program includes coursework from Gerontology, Long-term Care Administration, and Management and Finance.

Individuals completing their Administrator in Training (AIT) must work a minimum of 35 hours/week at their approved site. The number of internship hours are determined by state and federal licensure and regulatory agencies such as BELTSS, NAB, and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid). Interns must be placed in an approved skilled nursing facility under the supervision of an approved Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Wendy Watson (Graduate Coordinator of the MSIG program) at 419-372-1054 or
Degree Plan for Full-Time Student

First Semester (Fall)

GERO 6010: Current Perspectives in Gerontology (3)

GERO 6100: Aging Policy and Programs (3)

GERO 5105: Long-Term Services and Supports (3)

MHSA 6310 Human Resources and Leadership Development (3)

Second Semester (Spring)

GERO 6020: Health and Aging (3)

GERO 6530: Research Methods in Gerontology (3)

GERO 5110: Principles of Nursing Home Administration (3)

GERO 5500: Healthcare Finance (3)

Third Semester (Summer)

GERO 6250: Administration of Aging Programs (online) (3)

MHSA 6400 Healthcare Law and Ethics (3)

GERO 6860: Directed Practicum/AIT (3)

Fourth Semester (Fall)

GERO 6860: Directed Practicum/AIT (3)

olivia beckett 

Olivia Beckett ‘20

“I really have a passion for older adults and making sure their individual needs are being met and they are living the best life they can. My professors and their wide range of knowledge are what brought me back to BGSU. Since I had these professors in undergraduate studies, I enjoyed the way their appreciation for aging studies and individual experiences shaped both the general gerontology and the MSIG LTC programs. My professors are approachable, experienced, and willing to extend that helping hand that some people need. The education and experiences you will get through BGSU’s program are unique and rich. You will feel a great sense of belonging and be provided with knowledge and skills that will shape you into the best administrator you can be for the sake of long-term care residents everywhere.”

sean williams2 

Sean Williams ‘19
Assistant Nursing Home Administrator

“When I was searching for master’s programs for nursing home administrators, there were only a handful accredited by NAB. With BGSU being one of them, it made my decision that much easier. The coursework for the program was well developed, and the instructors were always present and encouraging. BG is just a great community. I truly feel that without BGSU, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have today.I’ve always wanted to give back and to have a purpose. Seniors are a vulnerable population and they need people to advocate for them. I want to go to work every day and do something to help someone. BGSU has allowed me to do that.”


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