Why a MS in Analytics Degree?

The explosion of modern computing power and data acquisition techniques has created a job market which seeks people with a strong background in fundamental statistical analysis, operations research, management of information systems, and computer science. Today, corporations have come to realize that the collection and storage of large amounts of business operations data has become increasingly easy and inexpensive.

However, having the ability to analyze, make sense of the data, and use it as a predictive tool is what gives a corporation a competitive edge. Data/Business analysts are professionals who have the analytical and technical expertise to make sense of the data. The MS in Analytics at BGSU is designed to position students for a successful career in analytics. View the MS in Analytics Fact Sheet to find out more.

Program Strengths and Uniqueness
  • Full-time, cohort, 12-month program
  • Focus on hands-on experience and applications
  • Analytical skills in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Technical skills in database management, business intelligence and big data analytics
  • Soft skills in management and leadership
  • An integrated experience in analytics projects
  • Taught by full-time faculty
  • Approved for affiliation as a Professional Science Master’s degree by the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs which provides a competitive advantage for graduates

Why a MSA at Bowling Green State University?

The MSA at BGSU is an interdisciplinary graduate program that involves four departments across two colleges.  BGSU already thrives on its strong and nationally recognized faculty, undergraduate and graduate programs in statistics, operations research, management of information systems and computer science. BGSU has embraced a long standing tradition of collaborations among faculty from these fields.  These strengths and traditions at BGSU put the university in a unique position to offer a high quality MS in Analytics degree.

Why Now?

By 2018, according to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the US is expected to have a short fall of 140,000-190,000 people with critical analytical skills.

Graduates with a MSA degree are already in high demands and as more companies begin to tap into big internal and external data sets, the demand for these jobs with excellent pay, benefits and career advancement opportunity will continue to increase.

Class of 2017 Success Story

Class of 2017 Success Story

Profile on 2017 Analytics graduate Amala Umakanth. Read More